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Yellow Roses and motorhomes taken from Pool Terrace at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

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Roses in the Campsite Gardens

A lovely time of the year in Bulgaria as the gardens start to bloom with colour. Beautiful and sweet scented roses from the garden – just watch out for the odd thorny bit on the side !

Additionally, to see more lovely photos of our campsite gardens see here.

Hortus Ortus originally planted our gardens

More about Roses in the Campsite Gardens

Roses have some 100 species. They are a perennial shrub. However, roses are native primarily to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. notwithstanding this, gardeners cultivate roses for their beautiful flowers, which range in colour from white through various tones of yellow. They are also pink to dark crimson and maroon, and most have a delightful fragrance, which varies according to the variety and to climatic conditions.

Virginia rose
Virginia rose

Most rose species are native to Asia with smaller numbers being native to North America and a few to Europe and northwest Africa. Roses from different regions of the world hybridize readily, giving rise to types that overlap the parental forms, and making it difficult to determine basic species. Botanists cross-bred Fewer than 10 species and they ultimately produced today’s many types of garden roses.

Physical description

rose hips
rose hips

Roses are erect, climbing, or trailing shrubs. They have prickles of various shapes and sizes, commonly called thorns. The leaves are alternate and have the look of feathers. They also have oval leaves with sharp teeth. The flowers of wild roses usually have five petals, whereas the flowers of cultivated roses are often double (i.e., with multiple sets of petals).

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  1. Thanks to Mira for our beautiful garden!

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