Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Is The Day of Trees and Flowers in Bulgaria

Tsvetnitsa-Vrubnitsa (Palm Sunday) is one of the most-celebrated Bulgarian holidays, rich in a variety of customs, songs and dance. The holiday is held annually on the last Sunday before Easter.

Early in the morning on Tsvetnitsa young girls go to the nearest river. After they find a place where the water is calm they put pieces of traditional bread on willow barks and throw them into the water. The girl whose bark outsails those of the others is pronounced as ‘kumitsa’.

She invites everybody to her house where they all sit down at a table on which traditional bread, honey and mashed nettle are served.

Groups of young girls, wearing the traditional national costumes, carry hand baskets to collect eggs as gifts. They sing The Lazar Day songs. On Tsvetnitsa-Vrubnitsa all those named after flowers, plants or trees celebrate their name day. We are often lucky enough to have groups of girls from our village dressed in traditional costumes who visit our campers and sing traditional songs on this special day.

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