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Doctors, Hospitals & Medical Emergencies

Are you feeling unwell?

If you need a doctor it is often possible to make an appointment within a few days. Luckily healthcare in Bulgaria is good, so you will be in good hands.

Do you need to see a doctor?

If you are a current camping guests, ask at Reception if you need to see a doctor and the receptionist will call someone who can make an appointment for you. They will come by taxi and take you to the appropriate specialist. Be ready to tell the receptionist about your illness. When you go to see the doctor take the following:

  • Passport / Identity Card
  • Any medication that might be relevant
  • EHIC/ GHIC Card (European Health Insurance Card)
  • Health Insurance Documents

Wondering how you will talk to the doctor? Find out how to translate using your mobile phone.

Need Medical Services at Pharmacy or Chemists?

The nearest pharmacies are in Lyaskovets.

112+ is modern and well-stocked.

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Hospitals & Doctors

If you need an ambulance to see a doctor:

Dial 112.

Tell the operator your address: Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Dragizhevo Village 5145, Lyaskovets Municipality. Vasil Levski Street No 70 There is another Dragizhevo Village in Bulgaria, so it is important to use the post code 5145.

A quicker option may be to go to Accident & Emergency (A&E):

Veliko Tarnovo New Hospital

Click View Larger Map for Directions

If you need a Covid Test to continue your journey, or if you are feeling unwell click here.

Top Tips!

You can use your mobile phone to translate conversations with the doctor.

If you need a taxi to take you, ask at Reception.

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