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Hotnitsa Waterfalls looking across a turquoise pool

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Hotnitsa Waterfalls & Ecotrail

Hotnitsa Waterfalls & Ecotrail are 15km from Veliko Tarnovo. They are well-worth a visit if you have a spare day on your tour. They are truly beautiful and showcase the stunning Bulgarian scenery.

The ecotrail is also known as Kaya Bunar. It is mostly covered by a forest. Consequently, there is lovely shade on hot summer days.

Take a picnic to enjoy along the way and remember to take plenty of water. You can pick up some extra from the Coffee Shop before you set off.

How long is the Hotnitsa Waterfalls & Ecotrail?

It takes about an hour and a half to walk the length of the trail. Then you can look at the views before returning back along the path.

Hotnitsa Waterfalls & Ecotrail is a great place to visit after spending the morning in Veliko Tarnovo or after visiting Nikopolis ad Istrum

Remember when you arrive back at the campsite you will deserve a refreshing Raspberry Lemonade drink by the Swimming Pool.

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