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How To Use Your Phone To Translate Bulgarian

If you only choose one App to travel with, make it Google Translate. It opens up countries – especially those, like Bulgaria, with non-Latin alphabets.

Time needed: 1 minute

If you have a smart phone you can translate spoken and written Bulgarian easily in a few seconds. It is easy to do. Also, you can easily adapt it to translate all other languages you might need during your European tour. It doesn’t only translate into English. You can choose your preferred language to translate into.

  1. Open the App and select the language you are translating from and to.

    .Open the app using mobile phone to translate
    Select the App

  2. Choose the written language option

    Place the camera of your phone over the text you want to translate. Wait until the camera focuses on the text and the App can translate it. The translation will replace the original text.
    Tip! – Be sure to hold the phone steady, so the camera can focus.

    Choose language to translate using your mobile phone
    This is a wonderful tool when you are in a shop and want to read the packaging of a product. Also, when you are in a restaurant you can translate the menu easily. No need to order chicken’s feet by mistake again!

  3. Choose the spoken language option

    Click the microphone. Speak clearly into the microphone of your phone and wait. Your phone will speak the words in the translated language you selected.
    Tip! – Use simple language and don’t say more than one sentence at a time.

    Use phone camera to translate

This App will help with Bulgarian Translation for Camping, Greetings, Numbers , and Food and Drink, as well as Shopping, talking to a doctor or mechanic and much more.

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