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Shops in Dragizhevo

There are some great shops in Dragizhevo. For such a small village we have fabulous food shops and a super hardware store that has almost everything you could need.

Food Shops In Dragizhevo

There are lots of great food shops in Dragizhevo. Here you will find fresh bread and fruit and vegetables delivered daily. When you walk into the centre of the village there are two stores at the crossroads.

The Newest one is Viara and Joro’s store which opened in 2022. They stock a super range of fresh and packaged products. Their fruit and vegetables are delivered regularly and they have fresh bread each day. In addition they take BGN cash (not Euro) and they can take debit and credit cards too.

The outside of the store looks like this …

The outside of Viara and Joro's store in Dragizhevo. There is an easy access ramp at the entrance. There is a sign in Bulgarian saying Food Store.
Outside Viara & Joro’s Store in Dragizhevo

Get Directions to Joro and Viara’s Shop

Click on “View Larger Map” on the map below to get directions.

Hardware Store

Opposite Viara and Joro’s Shop is the Hardware shop. It has the bright yellow painted front with huge glass windows displaying a small proportion of what is for sale. They have one of everything you could need.

HArdware store in Dragizhevo Village
Hardware Store in Dragizhevo

If you need a bigger shop you can see our Supermarkets and Big Store information. As always, ask at Reception if there is something you need to buy locally. Our Receptionists know all the shops in our area and are happy to help you find what you need.

See some general information about Dragizhevo here.

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