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Barn Swallow flying

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The campsite has many swallows. They have nests all around the campsite. They are on the Coffee Shop Terrace, around the shower building and they majestically swoop over the swimming pool.

Did You Know that Swallows Are Amazing?

They can fly up to 200 km in a day.

They can eat and sleep whilst flying.


Length: 17-19cm

Wingspan: 32-35cm

Weight: 16-25g

They tend to fatten up before migrating.

What Do Swallows Eat?

They eat insects that are flying, such as, bluebottles, house flies and horse flies.

This makes them ideal for the campsite.

Hundreds of barn swallows migrating in the sky

Can They Drink Whilst Flying?

See on Youtube how they drink whilst flying. You can also see this at our swimming pool. Early morning they swoop down to take a drink.

Swallows tend to stay in pairs. They often return to the same nest they bred in during the previous year.

Barn swallows build their nests with mud pellets and like to reuse nests year after year. Nest building takes up a lot of energy and swallows can make more than 1,000 trips in the process. New pairs will take over unused nest. For this reason, we do not remove old nests. They are always occupied by the end of the summer.

They lay 3-5 eggs. After they hatch the young stay in the nest between 18-23 days before launching their maiden flight. They then stay in the nest for a further week before heading off to make way for the second brood.

We love our swallows. They are industrious and tuneful.

If you would like to learn more about swallows see Birds in Bulgaria. There are also several nature posts on our blog that we are sure you will love to read.

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