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Krushuna Waterfalls
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  • Krushuna Waterfalls

    Krushuna Waterfalls

    Krushuna Waterfalls (Крушунски водопади) are a series of waterfalls in Northern Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna. This is in the Municipality of Letnitsa. They are famous for their beauty. The beautiful turquoise pools form below the waterfalls. This is due to calcium deposits from the mineral spring water. These deposits create white and cream rocks and the water looks […]

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  • Occasionally we get storms!

    Occasionally we get storms!

    The wettest month in Bulgaria is May so occasionally we get storms across the Balkan peninsular. In the month of May it is not raining every day but when it does the wind picks up and the rain can be very heavy. So, if there is a storm warning then make sure your tents and […]

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  • Amazing Sunrises for the Early Bird!

    Amazing Sunrises for the Early Bird!

    Their are some amazing sunrises for the early bird! As you look up towards reception from the campsite East is on your right. Don’t miss these beautiful sites, pitch up so you can see them from your bed!

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  • Beautiful Rainbows Galore!

    Beautiful Rainbows Galore!

    Thankfully we only get seasonal rain showers in May which produce beautiful rainbows galore! After it rains turn your back to the sun and you will often be gifted the sight of a beautiful rainbow. Here are a few pictures of the colourful rainbows over the campsite and the valley from recent years. Did you […]

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  • Museum Of Illusions

    Museum Of Illusions

    The Museum Of Illusions is a great place to visit for adults and children. A unique blend of science, illusion, practical exhibits will have you doubting your own eyes and mind. The practical exhibits provide a great level of interaction and and will entertain both adults and children. The museum of Illusions is on five […]

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  • Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets

    Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets

    Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets offers hotel accommodation, coffee shop and restaurant. The hotel was converted from the public bathhouse many years ago. The name translated literally means “the bath”. It is only 6 Km from the campsite so great to pop out to if you just want a quick evening meal. You can dine outdoors […]

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  • Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo

    Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo

    Today Veliko Tarnovo is a symbol of Bulgarian history, a centre for culture, education and tourism. The city attracts many visitors from all over the world. But it also attracts adventure lovers who like rocks and and rock climbing. The Alpine Club Trapezitsa, based in Veliko Tarnovo, is the foundation for establishing the wonderful conditions […]

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  • Local Taxi Service

    Local Taxi Service

    If you don’t want to drive your camping vehicle into Veliko Tarnovo, then it is very easy to organise a local taxi service. Dimitar, who speaks English, organises our local taxi service. Dimitar can arrange any number of taxis for you. Each taxi can carry up to 4 people. The price for one taxi from […]

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  • Partner Campsites in Bulgaria

    Partner Campsites in Bulgaria

    When we built and opened our campsite in 2009 we were asked by lots of travellers “Where are other good campsites in Bulgaria?”. So to answer the questions we teamed up with other campsites to create an informal network of partner campsites in Bulgaria. The partner network still operates to this day and we still […]

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