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Orange sunrise over motorhomes on the campsite at camping veliko tarnovo Bulgaria
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  • New Online Booking System & Coupon Codes!

    New Online Booking System & Coupon Codes!

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new online booking system at Camping Veliko Tarnovo! Planning your perfect camping getaway has never been easier. Special Offers Register for our online Shop on our website and receive coupon codes with generous offers throughout the season. Benefits of Our Online Booking System No Worries About…

  • More memories from 2023

    More memories from 2023

    As we start preparing, unstack furniture and switch on the water, we are fondly reminding each other of more memories from 2023 season. We want to share them with you … Spring is in the air. Not long now until we’re open once again. To make more special memories like these in 2024 check out…

  • 2023 Vibes and Flashbacks

    2023 Vibes and Flashbacks

    As our season has now ended, we fondly remember happy memories, 2023 vibes and flashbacks in our little paradise. New friends were made and old friendships became stronger as our customers were mainly returning customers this season. We are pleased you chose us again and look forward to seeing you next season. We always love…

  • The end of Season 2023

    The end of Season 2023

    Thank you to you, our amazing customers – we salute you at the end of Season 2023 and wish you a safe and happy winter! We’ve chosen a small selection of happy moments from 2023. We’ll post some more over the following days … Thanks also to our employees. You were fantastic, Enjoy your rest…

  • Opening Dates 2024

    Opening Dates 2024

    We are pleased to share our opening dates for 2024. Make sure you put the Dates 2024 in your diary. Open: 26th April 2024 Close: 29th September 2024 Find the latest information on our website. New for 2024 season we have an online booking system. You can sign up for coupons on our website. You can…

  • At night on Veliko Tarnovo’s Craft Street

    At night on Veliko Tarnovo’s Craft Street

    Each year around 22nd September, Bulgaria’s Independence Day National Holiday, we experience art, music and cultural entertainment at night on Veliko Tarnovo’s Craft Street. This year it runs from 20th to 24th September. What’s on? The programme is as rich and varied as always. Beautiful ribbons decorate the street. The festival offers many opportunities for…

  • A tour of Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    A tour of Camping Veliko Tarnovo came to film Nick Kinson taking viewers on a tour of Camping Veliko Tarnovo. We were delighted to take Veselin and his daughter on a tour whilst they filmed our facilities. We were pleased with how the lovely gardens are growing and how the campsite is fulfilling its sustainability goals. Our customers love the…

  • Children’s Day

    Children’s Day

    Children’s Day in Bulgaria and Romania is a day to honour and celebrate the youngest members of our families. After all, they are our future. In post we’ll give you some information about Children’s Day in Bulgaria, and what makes it special. 1. What is it? This day is celebrated by almost all countries from…

  • Which one is older?

    Which one is older?

    Which one is older, the traditional cart or the Aistream caravan ? It’s great to see the retro chic Airstream staying at the campsite. According to the owners, it is a dream to tow and comfortable to spend time in. Honestly, we can’t tell you which one is older. The Airstream is 50 years old,…