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Bulgaria has one of the most diverse cultures in Europe. It has evolved from an intricate mesh of advanced cultures such as, Thracian, Slavic and Bulgar with influence from Byzantines, Turkish and Greeks who inspired making numerous masterpieces of the world significance.

Bulgaria’s history and culture is fascinating and mostly unknown by other Europeans. It was a truly great nation, occupying much larger mass than now, with dominance in the East. During many civilizations Bulgaria was the point where East met West.

In more recent years the influence of Communism and its aftermath has had a huge effect on Bulgarian Culture. All these influences have merged to create a diverse range of food and drink, extensive history, unique  language, dance, arts and crafts for your discovery.

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  • Veliko Tarnovo Day

    Veliko Tarnovo Day

    Veliko Tarnovo Day is celebrated each year on 22nd March. Hidden between the hills, lays the medieval capital Veliko Tarnovo, previously nominated as “Balkan Capital of Cultural Tourism”. A city so white, so bright, that on a sunny day you need sunglasses to look at it. It is certainly one of the most beautiful cities […]

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  • 5 Fun Facts You Must Know Before You Visit Bulgaria

    5 Fun Facts You Must Know Before You Visit Bulgaria

    Bulgaria is a wonderful country to visit in your campervan, motorhome, RV and caravan. But beware, the culture here is different. In this blog you will read 5 fun facts you must know before you visit Bulgaria. Once you have read them, you will be well-prepared for the delights that Bulgaria offers. 1) Yes, but […]

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  • Yalovo Winery

    Yalovo Winery

    Yalovo is an exciting, relatively new winery in the lovely village of Yalovo about 30 minutes from Camping Veliko Tarnovo. The technicians aim to focus on making high quality wine. They use local grape varieties and traditional techniques. equally important is that they produce wine using ecological methods. Yalovo Winery Tour Details How to get […]

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  • How To Use Your Phone To Translate Bulgarian

    How To Use Your Phone To Translate Bulgarian

    If you only choose one App to travel with, make it Google Translate. It opens up countries – especially those, like Bulgaria, with non-Latin alphabets. This App will help with Bulgarian Translation for Camping, Greetings, Numbers , and Food and Drink, as well as Shopping, talking to a doctor or mechanic and much more.

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  • Bulgarian Numbers

    Bulgarian Numbers

    The Bulgarian numbers 1 to 20 are quite easy to master. These might be useful when checking in to a campsite, buying travel tickets, tickets to a museum or in a restaurant. So here they are… English Bulgarian Pronunciation One Едно Ednо Two Две Dve Three Три Tri Four Четири Chetiri Five Пет Pet Six […]

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  • Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Restaurants

    Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Restaurants

    Here we will give you some useful words for restaurants and some suggestions of delicious dishes to try during your stay in Bulgaria. This is the first and most important of our posts about language it focuses on Bulgarian language for tourists: Restaurants. Common Tasty Dishes If the menu is only in Bulgarian look out […]

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  • Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Camping

    Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Camping

    When you are staying at the campsite the following Bulgarian language will help you check-in at the Reception and to ask for the important facilities to make your stay more enjoyable. Useful Words At the Campsite Useful Phrases At The Campsite

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  • Bulgarian Language For Tourists : Greetings

    Bulgarian Language For Tourists : Greetings

    In this post you will learn the most important Bulgarian language for tourists. The Bulgarian Language is an Indo-European language of the group of South Slavic languages. It is the official language of the Republic of Bulgaria and one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. The Bulgarian language is the earliest written […]

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  • Palm Sunday Is The Day of Trees and Flowers in Bulgaria

    Palm Sunday Is The Day of Trees and Flowers in Bulgaria

    Tsvetnitsa-Vrubnitsa (Palm Sunday) is one of the most-celebrated Bulgarian holidays. It is rich in variety of customs, songs and dance. The holiday is on the last Sunday before Easter. Early in the morning on Tsvetnitsa young girls go to the nearest river. After they find a place where the water is calm they put pieces […]

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