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Palm Sunday Is The Day of Trees and Flowers in Bulgaria
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Information on the dates and cultural significance of the major celebration days in Bulgaria. Helpful hints on the appropriate greeting to say to people during a national holiday. Also good to know the dates as often most shops, banks and institutions will close for the holiday.

  • Palm Sunday Is The Day of Trees and Flowers in Bulgaria

    Palm Sunday Is The Day of Trees and Flowers in Bulgaria

    Tsvetnitsa-Vrubnitsa (Palm Sunday) is one of the most-celebrated Bulgarian holidays. It is rich in variety of customs, songs and dance. The holiday is on the last Sunday before Easter. Early in the morning on Tsvetnitsa young girls go to the nearest river. After they find a place where the water is calm they put pieces […]

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  • Happy Women’s Day !

    Happy Women’s Day !

    We wish all the ladies a Happy Women’s Day. Over the years it has varied in importance and now it is seen as a great opportunity for children to thank their mothers and for husbands to thank their wives. Camping Veliko Tarnovo wishes all our women customers and employees a wonderful International Women’s Day. Wishing […]

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  • Happy 3rd March Bulgaria!

    Happy 3rd March Bulgaria!

    On 3rd March 1878 Bulgaria was liberated after centuries of Ottoman Rule. It is a public holiday and many people will visit the monuments celebrating this important date. May Bulgaria continue to be proud and free. Cheers to all our friends and customers today – we wish you a happy holiday !

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  • It’s Grandmother March Day in Bulgaria!

    It’s Grandmother March Day in Bulgaria!

    March 1st is the Baba Marta holiday in Bulgaria. For the next few days, everyone we meet in Bulgaria will give and receive red and white trinkets, called Martenitsi. They are often in the form of bracelets or a pair of dolls, which you attach to your clothes. People wear martenitsi until they see a […]

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  • St Lazarovden

    St Lazarovden

    A lovely traditional event at the campsite today ! The young girls from the village celebrate St Lazarovden. Wearing traditional costume of their local area the group visit their neighbours and dance and sing folklore songs of love, happiness, health and prosperity. In times past the group would receive in return small gifts, eggs and […]

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