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  • Nikulden


    Nikulden is the name day for everyone with the name Nicholas, Nicola, Nicolai, Nick, Niki, Nikolina, Nikoletta, Neno, Nenko, Nina and other names with a similar stem. We celebrate this saint on 6th December each year in Bulgaria and is a bright and light celebration to counter the dark days of winter approaching. Nikulden is…

  • Revival Day

    Revival Day

    Revival Day on 1st November was first celebrated 1909. It originated in Plovdiv, the people wanted to pay respect towards the people that defined Bulgarian spirit. Revival Day is sometimes called the National Enlighteners Day. On this day we remember the Bulgarian visionaries and scholars that helped change the nation’s history.  The day is for writers,…

  • At night on Veliko Tarnovo’s Craft Street

    At night on Veliko Tarnovo’s Craft Street

    Each year around 22nd September, Bulgaria’s Independence Day National Holiday, we experience art, music and cultural entertainment at night on Veliko Tarnovo’s Craft Street. This year it runs from 20th to 24th September. What’s on? The programme is as rich and varied as always. Beautiful ribbons decorate the street. The festival offers many opportunities for…

  • Bulgarian Independence day

    Bulgarian Independence day

    Often our guests tell us they are a little confused about Bulgarian history, and they ask why there is a Liberation Day (our biggest national holiday, celebrated on the 3rd of March) and an Independence Day (celebrated on the 22nd of September). They also ask whether these are two completely different holidays or one in the same!…

  • Bulgarian Unification Day

    Bulgarian Unification Day

    Unification Day is celebrated on September 6th. It marks the date that Bulgaria experienced unification in 1885. It had previously been separated due to the Treaty of Berlin signed in 1878 to resolve conflicts in the East. So when did Bulgaria gain independence? The country gained independence from the Ottoman Empire just a few years…

  • The Day of Culture and Literacy

    May 24 is the Day of Culture and Literacy. People also celebrate the Bulgarian alphabet – Many believe this is the most beautiful Bulgarian national holiday. In celebration of the letters honouring Saints Cyril and Methodius – creators of the Cyrillic alphabet. We are mixed about whether to celebrate the alphabet. It took us a…

  • St George’s Day in Bulgaria

    St George’s Day in Bulgaria

    St George’s Day in Bulgaria is the most celebrated name day of the year. In Bulgarian is it Гергьовден = Gergyovden. It is a public holiday that takes place on 6 May each year. Many families prepare and eat a whole lamb, which is an ancient tradition. It is possibly related to Slavic pagan sacrificial traditions and the fact that St. George…

  • Labour Day

    Labour Day

    What Is Labour Day? International Workers’ Day also known as Labour Day or May Day. In Bulgarian it is Ден на труда и на международната работническа солидарност or Den na truda na mezhdunarodnata rabotnicheska solidarnost! It falls on May 1 and is a public holiday in over 80 countries. It celebrates the contributions of workers,…

  • Bulgarian Orthodox Easter

    Bulgarian Orthodox Easter

    Bulgarian Orthodox Easter is a great time to be in Bulgaria. Some of our Bulgarian friends tells us they prefer the Easter celebrations to Christmas. As it is a largely Orthodox Christian country, along with much of the Balkans. Religion features prominently. In the Easter holiday, and during Holy Week, some Bulgarians attend church every…