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  • Campervan Rental Companies

    Campervan Rental Companies

    Campers often ask us which are the best campervan rental companies in Bulgaria. We do not rent out campervans from the campsite, but each week we have guests who are renting their camping vehicle. Customers rent campervans from Bulgaria and Romania. Always ask if you can cross borders with your rental vehicle. The insurance can…

  • Vehicle Wash Centres

    Vehicle Wash Centres

    There are several vehicle wash centres conveniently located near to the campsite. These vehicle wash centres have filters to separate the harmful contaminants which occur during vehicle washing. The captured and separated contaminants can then be disposed of ecologically. The used water is then recycled for washing the next vehicle reducing unnecessary water consumption. Dimago…

  • Shops in Dragizhevo

    Shops in Dragizhevo

    There are some great shops in Dragizhevo. For such a small village we have fabulous food shops and a super hardware store that has almost everything you could need. Food Shops In Dragizhevo There are lots of great food shops in Dragizhevo. Here you will find fresh bread and fruit and vegetables delivered daily. When…

  • Supermarkets in Gorna Oryahovitsa

    Supermarkets in Gorna Oryahovitsa

    The supermarkets in Gorna Oryahovitsa have everything you will need. If you are not heading into the bigger city of Veliko Tarnovo, you can go to the supermarkets in Gorna Oryahovitsa. Gorna Oryahovitsa is a bit closer than Veliko Tarnovo. It is also a good option on your leaving day if you are not heading…

  • Central Mall Shopping Centre

    Central Mall Shopping Centre

    Central Mall Shopping Centre is in Veliko Tarnovo, about 15 km from the campsite. If you are missing some retail therapy during your Campervan tour, Central Mall Shopping Centre is for you. It is quite easy to park, but not recommended for large vehicles. There are two outdoor car parks and an underground one with…

  • Pharmacies and Chemists

    Pharmacies and Chemists

    One question that is often asked, is where can I find the local pharmacies and chemists? We all need a top up of our lotions and pills that keep us healthy and well. Luckily in Bulgaria we are blessed with super aptekas or in Bulgarian АПТЕКА. They often have a green sign too, as shown…

  • Dentists close to the campsite

    Dentists close to the campsite

    Voychevi Dentists are professional, modern and hygienic. They are in Veliko Tarnovo and parking is easy. Their team is small, but they each have areas of specialism. They even have a specialist children’s specialist too. They have a good website. Here you can see up to date pricing and services they offer. We use this…

  • Road Tax E-Vignette and Vinetka (updated Feb 2024)

    Road Tax E-Vignette and Vinetka (updated Feb 2024)

    In Bulgaria you must buy an e-vignette (road tax, which is called Vinetka or in Bulgarian) to drive on taxable roads. Most roads are taxable. The untaxed roads are the smallest category of roads between small villages. The roads at the borders are taxable, so you need to buy a vignette as soon as you…

  • Local Fuel Stations

    Local Fuel Stations

    It’s a good idea to fill up your tank before you leave for the next part of your trip. The closest fuel stations are a few kilometres away. One is easier if you have a large vehicle. Merdanya Fuel Station Merdanya is the closest fuel station. It is friendly and they appreciate your business, but…