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In the health section of our Off-site Guest Services blog posts you will find everything you need to know if you or your pet feel off color. Sometimes you might just feel a little under the weather and need some supplements or homeopathic remedies to help get you back on track.  In Bulgaria, there are many natural alternative medicines, so you are sure to find what you need to nurture yourself back into balance.  Other times, you know you need to visit or doctor or have some tests completed.  Bulgaria’s health system is good and if you pay a small fee, it is often possible to get an appointment quickly.

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  • Pharmacies and Chemists

    Pharmacies and Chemists

    One question that is often asked, is where can I find the local pharmacies and chemists? We all need a top up of our lotions and pills that keep us healthy and well. Luckily in Bulgaria we are blessed with super aptekas or in Bulgarian АПТЕКА. They often have a green sign too, as shown […]

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  • Dentists close to the campsite

    Dentists close to the campsite

    Voychevi Dentists are professional, modern and hygienic. They are in Veliko Tarnovo and parking is easy. Their team is small, but they each have areas of specialism. They even have a specialist children’s specialist too. They have a good website. Here you can see up to date pricing and services they offer. We use this […]

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  • Doctors, Hospitals & Medical Emergencies

    Doctors, Hospitals & Medical Emergencies

    Are you feeling unwell? If you need a doctor it is often possible to make an appointment within a few days. Luckily healthcare in Bulgaria is good, so you will be in good hands. Do you need to see a doctor? If you are a current camping guests, ask at Reception if you need to […]

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  • Do you need a dentist while on holiday ?

    Do you need a dentist while on holiday ?

    Do you need a dentist while on holiday at Camping Veliko Tarnovo? If so, there are several dentists in Veliko Tarnovo that can help you. They can provide veneers, crowns, extractions, fillings, dentures, orthadontics, braces. All at competitive prices in a clean and comfortable environment. Dentist Voychevi The Voychevi practice is clean and the dentist […]

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  • Covid PCR Tests in Veliko Tarnovo

    Covid PCR Tests in Veliko Tarnovo

    With the ever changing international travels rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic it might necessary for you to get a Covid PCR test for your onward journey to the next country. Covid PCR tests are available in the city of Veliko Tarnovo. Testing Laboratories in Veliko Tarnovo City There are 2 laboratories in Veliko Tarnovo […]

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  • Opticians


    What do you do if you break your glasses while you travel across Europe in your motorhome? Fortunately, in Bulgaria, the Opticians are excellent. Some more good news is that it is often cheaper too! Some people holiday in Bulgaria specifically to buy new glasses, so you don’t need to worry. Vision Express Opticians Veliko […]

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  • Vets and Dog Groomers

    Vets and Dog Groomers

    We know good professional vets and dog groomers who we trust with our own pets. Milena is a professionally qualified dog groomer based in Veliko Tarnovo and Sanivets have looked after our animals for 15 years. Veterinary Services Sanivets are the vets that we use for our animals. They are professional, compassionate and caring. Best […]

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