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In the Transport and Vehicles section of our blog you will find everything you might need to know during your stay. There is information about road tax, best parking places, car hire, servicing and repairs, tyre refits and taxi services.

All the locations are linked to Googlemaps, so you can find them easily from any starting point.  These companies are tried and tested. You can feel comfortable that we have used them for over 15 years. It will give you peace of mind that you don’t easily find when repairing cars in a foreign country. Then, best of all, you often find it works out much better value than at home too!

Category: Transport and Vehicles

  • Road Tax

    Road Tax

    In Bulgaria you must buy an e-vignette (road tax, which is called Vinetka in Bulgarian) to drive on taxable roads. Most roads are taxable. The untaxed roads are the smallest category of roads between small villages. The roads at the borders are taxable, so you need to buy a vignette as soon as you cross […]

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  • Local Fuel Stations

    Local Fuel Stations

    It’s a good idea to fill up your tank before you leave for the next part of your trip. The closest fuel stations are a few kilometres away. One is easier if you have a large vehicle. Merdanya Fuel Station Merdanya is the closest fuel station. It is friendly and they appreciate your business, but […]

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  • Where Can You Repair a tyre?

    Where Can You Repair a tyre?

    Punctures are inevitable when travelling so here’s our advice on where to repair or replace a tire.

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  • Local Taxi Service

    Local Taxi Service

    If you don’t want to drive your camping vehicle into Veliko Tarnovo, then it is very easy to organise a local taxi service. Dimitar, who speaks English, organises our local taxi service. Dimitar can arrange any number of taxis for you. Each taxi can carry up to 4 people. The price for one taxi from […]

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  • Parking For Tsaravets Castle

    Parking For Tsaravets Castle

    There is parking for Tsaravets Castle in a paid parking area. The cost, in 2021, is 2.00 Leva per hour. From the car park you can walk up a path with steps to the entrance of Tsaravets Castle. Alternatively you can take a taxi for four people to the entrance of Tsaravets Castle for 16.00 […]

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  • Kamen Cars in Veliko Tarnovo

    Kamen Cars in Veliko Tarnovo

    If you are camping for a while and do not want to take your motorhome out each time to see the tourist sights then why not rent a car from Kamen Cars in Veliko Tarnovo. Kamen Cars have over ten years experience renting a wide range of vehicles. They have a large selection of cars […]

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  • Bus Service to Veliko Tarnovo

    Bus Service to Veliko Tarnovo

    If you do not want to drive into Veliko Tarnovo with your camping vehicle then, it is possible to catch the bus service to Veliko Tarnovo. The local bus service, Number 99, goes from the campsite to a local town called Lyaskovets. In Lyaskovets you change to the bus service, Number 14, that goes to […]

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  • Servicing and Repairs

    Servicing and Repairs

    Bulgaria is a great country to service or repair your car and motor home. You can book your vehicle in to a local garage to sort out any problems with your motor home or car. Car and Motor home servicing and repairs are good quality and good value. Good reliable garages get busy, so you […]

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