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A manicured hand gently holds a golden oriel before releasing it back into nature at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.
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Fauna are the animals that are characteristic of the campsite environment that you might see during your stay.

  • We saved an injured Golden Oriole

    We saved an injured Golden Oriole

    This golden oriole was injured on the Coffee Shop terrace today. But thankfully our Receptionist rescued the bird and cared for it. After a little while the bird recovered and flew off to join it’s friends. The male golden oriole is very obvious by the bright yellow body feathers and the dark wings. The female […]

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  • The Quick Brown Fox

    The Quick Brown Fox

    The nature around the campsite is ever changing and “the quick brown fox” appeared in the field next to the campsite a few winters ago. What is a Pangram ? If you are familiar with the English language then you might have heard the phrase “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog“. People […]

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