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Rainbow over the campsite
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Beautiful weather events characteristic of the campsite and the surrounding valley. Sometimes hot and sunny, sometimes cold and snowy and very occasionally stormy.

  • Rainbow Over the Campsite

    Rainbow Over the Campsite

    Rain might be the first sign that summer is coming to a close but the sun is still shining bright and so you get beautiful rainbows. The magical feeling of relaxing in the swimming pool while admiring the beauty of nature. What a beautiful rainbow over the campsite! The weather at Camping Veliko Tarnovo can […]

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  • Occasionally we get storms!

    Occasionally we get storms!

    The wettest month in Bulgaria is May so occasionally we get storms across the Balkan peninsular. In the month of May it is not raining every day but when it does the wind picks up and the rain can be very heavy. So, if there is a storm warning then make sure your tents and […]

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  • Amazing Sunrises for the Early Bird!

    Amazing Sunrises for the Early Bird!

    Their are some amazing sunrises for the early bird! As you look up towards reception from the campsite East is on your right. Don’t miss these beautiful sites, pitch up so you can see them from your bed!

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  • Beautiful Rainbows Galore!

    Beautiful Rainbows Galore!

    Thankfully we only get seasonal rain showers in May which produce beautiful rainbows galore! After it rains turn your back to the sun and you will often be gifted the sight of a beautiful rainbow. Here are a few pictures of the colourful rainbows over the campsite and the valley from recent years. Did you […]

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  • Does It Snow in Bulgaria?

    Does It Snow in Bulgaria?

    People often ask us “Does it snow in Bulgaria?”. When we look back on our first years living in Bulgaria one difference to get used to was the winter season. The famous opening line “In the bleak midwinter” of the poem by English poet Christina Rosetti summarizes our early winter experiences. It was cold !It […]

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  • Rainbow after tonight’s big storm!

    Rainbow after tonight’s big storm!

    A big storm tonight with an amazing lightning show. Thankfully it passed quickly. And left a present of a beautiful rainbow.

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  • Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow

    Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow

    Maybe you will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at Camping Veliko Tarnovo!

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