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Restaurant Megdancheto, Merdanya

You do not want to go to the city? After a long ride, you prefer to eat at a place near the campsite? You would like to experience traditional Bulgarian cuisine? In this case, restaurant Megdancheto is the perfect place for you. Restaurant Megdancheto is located in the neighbouring village, Merdanya. The name Megdancheto comes… Continue reading Restaurant Megdancheto, Merdanya

Activities To Do, Veliko Tarnovo Region

Krushuna Falls

Krushuna Falls (Крушунски водопади) are a series of waterfalls in Northern Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna, in the Municipality of Letnitsa. They are famous with their picturesque landscape and are formed by many travertines. Travertines are white or cream coloured rocks formed by calcium deposits from the mineral spring water. There is a tourist path leading to the cave where the river springs.… Continue reading Krushuna Falls

Activities To Do, Veliko Tarnovo

Discover Bulgaria in One Day – Mini Bulgaria

Discover Bulgaria in one Day at Mini Bulgaria! Mini Bulgaria is a 1/25th scale model of Bulgaria that you can walk around easily on level paths. Each path takes you to a different region of Bulgaria and shows the very detailed and well made models of the major sights of Bulgaria. Each model takes between… Continue reading Discover Bulgaria in One Day – Mini Bulgaria

Places To See, Veliko Tarnovo

Trapezitsa – Hill Top Fortress

Trapezitsa is a hill top fortress naturally protected by the vertical cliffs and the river Yantra that flows around the hill. Over the years many archaeological excavations have taken past. The earliest excavations were in the late 1800's. The excavations have discovered many artefacts some of which are housed in the small Trapezitsa Architectural Heritage… Continue reading Trapezitsa – Hill Top Fortress

Activities To Do, Veliko Tarnovo

Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo

Today Veliko Tarnovo is a symbol of Bulgarian history, a centre for culture, education and tourism. The city attracts many visitors from all over the world. But it also attracts adventure lovers who like rocks and and rock climbing. The Alpine Club Trapezitsa, based in Veliko Tarnovo, is the foundation for establishing the wonderful conditions… Continue reading Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo