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Villa Izvora, Arbanasi

Tavern Izvora, is part of the Izvora Hotel complex located in the heart of Arbanasi. Tavern Izvora, located in the heart of Arbanasi offers indoor and outdoor resturants. The varied menu selection is barbecue, traditional Bulgarian and International dishes. The tavern is a popular destination for locals and tourists and the outdoor gardens are relaxing… Continue reading Villa Izvora, Arbanasi

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Kostantsaliev’s House, Arbanasi

Kostantsaliev's House is a two storey 16th century merchant house is a reflection of the Ottoman days. There are simple rooms with large seating areas full of pillows. There are some really interesting things to see, such as the locking system on the trunks, door locking mechanisms, and the security systems. The large heavy doors… Continue reading Kostantsaliev’s House, Arbanasi