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There are several places to visit that are near the campsite. Great for a short walk or a half day visit if your itinerary doesn’t allow much time for sightseeing. Our village, Dragizhevo, is only 300 meters away and you can get a good sense of Bulgarian village life with several shops for groceries. There also monasteries, churches and local nature areas to visit.

  • Road Tax

    Road Tax

    In Bulgaria you must buy an e-vignette (road tax) to drive on taxable roads. Most roads are taxable. The untaxed roads are the smallest category of roads between small villages. The roads at the borders are taxable, so you need to buy a vignette as soon as you cross into Bulgaria. You can even buy […]

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  • Fruit & Vegetable Markets

    Fruit & Vegetable Markets

    Bulgaria is famous for its delicious fruit and vegetables. There is no better place to buy your fresh produce than from the local Fruit and Vegetable Markets. You can go to the big markets in Veliko Tarnovo or Gorna Oryahovitsa, or you can visit one of the two local stalls. The market with the most […]

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  • Cash Machines close to Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    Cash Machines close to Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    There are several cash machines, Bankomats and ATMs within 5 km of Camping Veliko Tarnovo. At our Reception we take debit and credit cards, but if you need a taxi or want to buy supplies from the village stores, you will need to get some local currency. This is the Lev (more than one are […]

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  • Restaurant Megdancheto, Merdanya

    Restaurant Megdancheto, Merdanya

    You do not want to go to the city? After a long ride, you prefer to eat at a place near the campsite? You would like to experience traditional Bulgarian cuisine? In this case, Restaurant Megdancheto is the perfect place for you. Restaurant Megdancheto is located in the neighbouring village, Merdanya. The name Megdancheto comes […]

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  • Kika Pizza in Gorna Oryahovitsa

    Kika Pizza in Gorna Oryahovitsa

    If you fancy pizza for tea then Kika Pizza in Gorna Oryahovitsa offers delicious home made pizzas for collection only. They have a large range of pizza toppings and each pizza is made fresh to order. Choose either a 30 cm pizza, which is ideal for two people. Or choose a 50 cm pizza which […]

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  • Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets

    Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets

    Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets offers hotel accommodation, coffee shop and restaurant. The hotel was converted from the public bathhouse many years ago. The name translated literally means “the bath”. It is only 6 Km from the campsite so great to pop out to if you just want a quick evening meal. You can dine outdoors […]

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  • Country Walks Around The Campsite

    Country Walks Around The Campsite

    The country walks around the campsite are simple paths through the fields. The paths are not marked but are very easy to follow as they are used by the farming vehicles so they are large paths. The terrain is mostly earth and some rocks so good footwear is recommended. These walks are not serious hiking […]

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  • Dragizhevo Village

    Dragizhevo Village

    Locally, people call Dragizhevo “The Cherry Village”. This is because it produces the first and best tasting cherries in Bulgaria. It is great if you are here in late May, as you will get to try some. Dragizhevo is a typical Bulgarian working village. During the warm summer evenings the village comes to life as […]

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  • Bird Watching

    Bird Watching

    Bulgaria is home to over 420 bird species and is one of the up and coming destinations for ornithologists. The various wild habitats provide shelter for 22 endangered species. Hence, Bulgaria is a great place for bird-watching and photography. The Via Ponitca, one of the migratory routes in Europe, passes through Bulgaria. There are two […]

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