Water flows like silk into turquoise clear water pools at Krushuna Waterfall in Bulgaria.
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Krushuna Waterfalls

Krushuna Waterfalls (Крушунски водопади) are a series of waterfalls in Northern Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna. This is in the Municipality of Letnitsa. They are famous for their beauty. The beautiful turquoise pools form below the waterfalls. This is due to calcium deposits from the mineral spring water. These deposits create white and cream rocks and the water looks crystal… Continue reading Krushuna Waterfalls

Dark Trees in the foreground are silhouetted by Magnificent Mist and low cloud at Sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.
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Inspirational Videos Of Bulgaria

These inspirational videos of Bulgaria show the wonderfully mixed natural scenery ranging from high mountains to low pastures, river valleys to open plateaus. The urban scenery is also unique with an exciting mix of traditional houses and modern cities offering stunning views for all visitors to enjoy. The videos below provide a taste of the… Continue reading Inspirational Videos Of Bulgaria

Places To See, Veliko Tarnovo Region

Tryavna Wood Carving Village

Tryavna became famous during the Bulgarian National Revival period when it was heavily involved in the development of crafts. Houses from this period feature their own architectural design. The ground floors had irregular forms and housed craftsmen and traders. The upper floors featured wooden bow-windows, the roofs were covered with well arranged rocks. The town… Continue reading Tryavna Wood Carving Village

Stone footridge at Etar Ethnographic Complex in Bulgaria
Places To See, Veliko Tarnovo Region

Etar Ethnographic Museum

Etar Ethnographic Museum is great fun and educational too! Here you can find out about traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts and investigate the water driven equipment powered by the river which winds its way through the beautiful grounds of the museum. There is a full programme of events throughout the year, including opportunities to learn… Continue reading Etar Ethnographic Museum