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Places to see and things to do in the region near to Veliko Tarnovo.

  • Uzana


    Uzana is a hiking and ski resort in Bulgaria’s Bulgarka National Park. It has a network of hiking trails which make it a great place for walking and seeing nature. The views from the hilltops are stunning! Uzana is about 25km from Gabrovo. The drive up to the ski resort is beautiful. Did you know? […]

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  • Elena


    Elena is a wonderful town to visit. It you want to see a typical example of traditional Bulgarian architecture, it is a great place to visit. The Road 53 takes you direct to Elena from Camping Veliko Tarnovo. The journey winds its way through the gorge and river valley and emerges at Elena. Elena is […]

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  • Hotnitsa Waterfalls & Ecotrail

    Hotnitsa Waterfalls & Ecotrail

    Hotnitsa Waterfalls & Ecotrail are 15km from Veliko Tarnovo. They are well-worth a visit if you have a spare day on your tour. They are truly beautiful and showcase the stunning Bulgarian scenery. The ecotrail is also known as Kaya Bunar. It is mostly covered by a forest. Consequently, there is lovely shade on hot […]

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  • Krushuna Waterfalls

    Krushuna Waterfalls

    Krushuna Waterfalls (Крушунски водопади) are a series of waterfalls in Northern Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna. This is in the Municipality of Letnitsa. They are famous for their beauty. The beautiful turquoise pools form below the waterfalls. This is due to calcium deposits from the mineral spring water. These deposits create white and cream rocks and the water looks […]

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  • Sport Fishing is only a Cast Away!

    Sport Fishing is only a Cast Away!

    There are several sport fishing spots that are only a cast away! They are close to the campsite (less than 15 minutes drive) and local fishermen like to fish there. You can fish by the day for a small fee. “Sveta Gora” Sport Fishing Lake “Sveta Gora” Lake is a great place for fishing in […]

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  • Buzludzha


    Buzludzha is a peak in the Central Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria. The peak has been a site of historical importance since the 1800’s. The mountain is to the east of the Shipka Pass near the town of Kazanlak. The peak is 1,432 metres (4,698 feet) high. It was renamed to Hadzhi Dimitar in 1942 but […]

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  • Emen Canyon Eco Path

    Emen Canyon Eco Path

    Emen Canyon is a canyon formed over thousands of years by the erosion of the Negovanka River. The canyon and surrounding area was one of the first protected nature areas in Bulgaria. The Emen Canyon Eco Path follows the length of the canyon which starts a little to the north of Emen village. There is […]

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  • Shipka Memorial Church

    Shipka Memorial Church

    Shipka Memorial church is well-worth a visit. It is surprisingly beautiful and has opulent golden domes which glint in the sunshine. The Church was built at the beginning of the 20th Century. It was built to commemorate Russian troops that died for the liberation of Bulgaria in the Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78. The church’s bell tower is […]

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  • Inspirational Videos Of Bulgaria

    Inspirational Videos Of Bulgaria

    These inspirational videos of Bulgaria show the wonderfully mixed natural scenery ranging from high mountains to low pastures, river valleys to open plateaus. The urban scenery is also unique with an exciting mix of traditional houses and modern cities offering stunning views for all visitors to enjoy. The videos below provide a taste of the […]

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