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7 Day Trips around Camping Veliko Tarnovo
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Veliko Tarnovo was the medieval capital of the Bulgarian kingdom, so it has lots of history and architecture from years gone by. It is also a university town, so it also has a young, modern vibe to the city. The municipality is making continuing improvements to the infrastructure, so it is an easy city in which to enjoy some sightseeing, eating out and shopping. These are some the places we recommend visiting in the city.

  • 7 Day Trips around Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    7 Day Trips around Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    Many customers ask us for suggestions of day trips they can make, to combine places to see and things to do in the region. These are the places our groups and independent travellers enjoy visiting…. If you don’t want to pack up your motorhome, why not hire a car? Another option, if you prefer to […]

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  • Sveta Gora Park

    Sveta Gora Park

    Sveta Gora Park is the most beautiful park in the old capital, Veliko Tarnovo. Great for taking a walk, romantic. It has a stunning panoramic view of Veliko Tarnovo. There are lots of places to sit and fun children playgrounds. There are big rocks for climbing, a skate part and a football field! You can […]

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  • Museum Of Illusions

    Museum Of Illusions

    The Museum Of Illusions is a great place to visit for adults and children. A unique blend of science, illusion, practical exhibits will have you doubting your own eyes and mind. The practical exhibits provide a great level of interaction and and will entertain both adults and children. The museum of Illusions is on five […]

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  • Discover Bulgaria in One Day – Mini Bulgaria

    Discover Bulgaria in One Day – Mini Bulgaria

    Discover Bulgaria in one Day at Mini Bulgaria! Mini Bulgaria is a 1/25th scale model of Bulgaria that you can walk around easily on level paths. Each path takes you to a different region of Bulgaria and shows the very detailed and well made models of the major sights of Bulgaria. Each model takes between […]

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  • Trapezitsa – Hill Top Fortress

    Trapezitsa – Hill Top Fortress

    Trapezitsa is a hill top fortress naturally protected by the vertical cliffs and the river Yantra that flows around the hill. Over the years the site has been excavated many times. The earliest excavations were in the late 1800’s. The excavations have discovered many artifacts. Some of these are in the small Trapezitsa Architectural Heritage […]

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  • Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo

    Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo

    Today Veliko Tarnovo is a symbol of Bulgarian history, a centre for culture, education and tourism. The city attracts many visitors from all over the world. But it also attracts adventure lovers who like rocks and and rock climbing. The Alpine Club Trapezitsa, based in Veliko Tarnovo, is the foundation for establishing the wonderful conditions […]

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  • Free Walking Tour of Veliko Tarnovo

    Free Walking Tour of Veliko Tarnovo

    Every day during the summer months there is a free walking tour of Veliko Tarnovo. The free walking tour has run for several years and has received excellent feedback from customers. The tour departs from the Tourist Information Centre in Veliko Tarnovo at 11.00am every morning. The walk then slowly proceeds to Tsaravets Castle taking […]

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  • Preobrajenski Monastery

    Preobrajenski Monastery

    “The Transfiguration Monastery” Preobrajenski Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery located in the Dervent gorge of the River Yantra. It is thought that the monastery was founded in the 11th century AD. The cross-shaped church features icons and frescoes which were painted by Sahari Zograf who worked in the monastery between 1849 and 1851. Among […]

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  • The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary

    The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary

    The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary is one of the finest in the city. It was built by Kolyu Ficheto (1842-8) on the site of an older church. The building has distinctive green domes. It also has four columns and elliptical windows. Architecturally has three-naves with two rows of capitals inside, which makes it unique […]

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