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Activities To Do, Veliko Tarnovo

Discover Bulgaria in One Day – Mini Bulgaria

Discover Bulgaria in one Day at Mini Bulgaria! Mini Bulgaria is a 1/25th scale model of Bulgaria that you can walk around easily on level paths. Each path takes you to a different region of Bulgaria and shows the very detailed and well made models of the major sights of Bulgaria. Each model takes between… Continue reading Discover Bulgaria in One Day – Mini Bulgaria

Places To See, Veliko Tarnovo

Trapezitsa – Hill Top Fortress

Trapezitsa is a hill top fortress naturally protected by the vertical cliffs and the river Yantra that flows around the hill. Over the years many archaeological excavations have taken past. The earliest excavations were in the late 1800's. The excavations have discovered many artefacts some of which are housed in the small Trapezitsa Architectural Heritage… Continue reading Trapezitsa – Hill Top Fortress

Bulgarian Language, Culture

Bulgarian Language For Tourists : Numbers

The Numbers 1 to 2 in Bulgarian are quite easy to master. These might be useful when checking in to a campsite, buying travel tickets, tickets to a museum or in a restaurant. So here they are... EnglishBulgarianPronunciationOneЕдноEdnоTwoДвеDveThreeТриTriFourЧетириChetiriFiveПетPetSixШестShestSevenСедемSedemEightОсемOsemNineДеветDevetTenДесетDesetElevenЕдинадесетEdinadesetTwelveДванадесетDvanadesetThirteenТринадесетTrinadesetFourteenЧетиринадесетChetirinadesetFifteenПетнадесетPetnadesetSixteenШестнадесетShesnadesetSeventeenСедемнадесетSedemnadesetEighteenОсемнадесетOsemnadesetNineteenДеветнадесетDevetnadesetTwentyДвадесетDvadeset

Bulgarian Language, Culture

Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Restaurants

When you are in different restaurants the following selection of Bulgarian words and phrases would be very helpful. Useful Words In A Restaurant Table - Маса - MasaMenu - Меню - MenuStarter - Предястие - PrediastieMain Dish - Основно Ястие - Osnovno yastieDessert -Десерт - DesertSoup - Супа - SupaSalad - Салата - SalataTo Take… Continue reading Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Restaurants