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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have some questions before you choose to stay at the campsite. We hope these frequently asked questions will provide the answers.

What electrical connector is used?

Outside Blue European Standard Camping Electricity Connector
We use European Standard CEE electrical connections, commonly known as CEE Form. The campsite electricity supply is 230 Volts, 16 Amp. These are the safest style of connector for use outdoors as required by EU regulations. If your electrical connection cable is not European Standard there are adaptor cables available for purchase in Reception. The price of using the electrical supply is included with the camping fee.

Is the water on the campsite safe to drink?

Drinking Water Logo
Yes, the water is supplied by the local water company. It is the same water pipe that supplies our house and the houses in the village. However, we also have bottled water available for purchase in Reception.

How do I connect to the water taps on the campsite?

All of the taps on the campsite are fitted with adaptors so that it is easy for you to connect your hose pipe to the tap. Ten meters of hose pipe should be long enough to reach most taps on the campsite. There are spare tap adaptors available in Reception.

Can we get a taxi to the city?

Taxi Sign from a taxi roof. Black background with yellow writing
Yes it is easy to get a taxi to the city. Please ask at Reception and we will organise taxi’s for you. It takes about 15 minutes for a taxi to arrive at the campsite and about 15 minutes to drive into the city. If you wish to take your pet with you then please let us know so that we can ask the taxi driver to cover the seats in the vehicle.

Don’t forget to ask for a Taxi Home Card!

The Taxi Home Card available in Reception has instructions in Bulgarian to give to a taxi driver to get you back to the campsite.

Can I bring my pet to the campsite?

Pet Friendly Logo Green background with a black silhouette of a cat and a dog

Yes – you can bring your pet to the campsite as long as you are a responsible owner. However, if your pet causes inconvenience to other guests then you will be asked to keep your pet in your camping vehicle on your camping place. So please read our Pet Friendly Policy which ensures all guests enjoy their stay at the campsite.

Is there emergency equipment at the campsite?

Yes there is emergency equipment at various locations around the campsite.

Fire Emergency :
Fire Extinguisher Logo
There are fire extinguishers at the Reception Coffee Shop; in the Camper’s Kitchen and at each of the four Rubbish Bin places on the campsite. Make sure you use the correct type of fire extinguisher for the material that is burning. Always alert a member of staff that there is a fire before trying to extinguish a fire.

First Aid Logo

Medical First Aid :

There are first aid medical kits located at the Reception Coffee Shop and in the Camper’s Kitchen.
If you need medical help please ask at Reception. For more information see the post on our blog for Medical Help.

112 Logo Red background with white numbers

Emergency Services :

If you need the emergency services (police, fire, medical) then dial 112. The operators should speak English.
Make sure you give the correct address : The Camping, Dragizhevo Village, 5145, Obshtina Lyaskovets.

Where do I put my waste rubbish and can the waste be recycled?

Rubbish Waste Bin

There are waste bins on the campsite at each of two central camping place areas. There are two waste bins by the outside sinks at the sanitary building. these bins are only for non recyclable waste.

For Recyclable waste there are recycling bins at the entrance gate of the campsite. These are provided by Ecopartners. The waste bins for non-recyclable waste are shown on the campsite map.

Is the swimming pool included in the price for camping?

Yes, the swimming pool is free for camping guests to use. The swimming pool is exclusive for camping guests. Day visitors are not admitted to the swimming pool. The use of the umbrellas and sun loungers are free of charge.

Is there a children’s play area?

Children's Play area on the campsite.

Yes there is – it is on the grass terrace below the swimming pool. The play equipment is suitable for children up to 12 years of age and there are shaded seating areas next to the play equipment for parents to keep an eye on their children.

Can I have a BBQ on the camping place?

.BBQ and seating area

Yes you may have a BBQ on your camping place. All BBQ’s must be above ground i.e. a gas powered BBQ or if a charcoal or wood powered BBQ then it must be raised above the ground in metal contained. All BBQ’s must be properly extinguished with water when finished. Make sure you know where the fire fighting equipment is placed on the campsite just in case an accident occurs. You can see the fire fighting equipment locations on the campsite map. Please be aware of the BBQ & Camp Fire Policy at the campsite.

I have another question!

If you have more questions please fill in the form below to send us an email. We will answer your question(s) promptly.

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