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Our Mission And Values
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Our Mission And Values

Our Mission

We aim to provide a relaxed and high quality camping experience. Whilst embracing the beautiful countryside and diverse wildlife of Bulgaria.

About Us

Nick and Nicky’s adventure. Building a new campsite in Bulgaria. From the first idea in 2005 to the current day.

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Ecological Values

We operate the business using sound ecological principles and practices. Consequently, our customers feel immersed in nature.

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We value our customers opinions…

Reviews from customers are as important to us as they are to other customers.

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What the news media has written…

The campsite has featured in many articles and television shows. You can read the articles. Additionally, you can watch the TV shows to see what the media makes of two British people building a campsite in Bulgaria.

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Employment Opportunities

If you are looking for seasonal summer work, contact us.

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We Value Your Privacy

We comply with national and international laws. Therefore, your personal data is secure. So, from cookie consent to European GDPR, how we make your data secure is outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Driving Information

Get driving directions if you are traveling by vehicle.

Registered Company Information

Camping Veliko Tarnovo OOD

Company Number : 104639295

VAT (DDC) Number : BG104639295

Registered Address :

Vasil Levski, Street, No .70

Dragizhevo Village, 5145,



  • Sunrise


    Feeling thankful for another beautiful sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo. Thanks also to all our wonderful guests who are staying with us right now. We have guests from Germany, UK, Romania, Turkey, Moldova, Belgium and Italy. Each day brings us fresh opportunities for new adventures, relaxation and happy times with people we love. Feed your […]

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    Coffee Shop Drinks

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