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Driving Directions

Veliko Tarnovo Region highlighted in blue on a Map to show where the campsite is located relative to the rest of Bulgaria.

The driving directions below and maps will help you drive to the campsite without getting lost.

The campsite is located 12 Kms from Veliko Tarnovo on the east side of the village of Dragizhevo ( Драгижево ).

There are two options to get to the campsite and both are suitable for all sizes of caravans and motorhomes.

Option 1 :  From Veliko Tarnovo Or Varna

When travelling from Veliko Tarnovo or Varna on A4 / E772

  • Turn right off the A4 / E772 on to the exit road.
  • Turn right at the end of the exit road on to Road No. 53.
  • Drive 1 Km on Road No. 53.
  • Look for the Car Repair Centre on your right.
  • Turn right on to minor road just after Car Repair Centre.
  • Look for Dragizhevo Village Sign.
  • Drive to the top of village.
  • Look for house with birds painted on the wall.
  • Turn left after the painted bird house.
  • Drive to end of the village.
  • Keep going – the Campsite is on your right in 300 m.

It is easy – only 3 rights and 1 left !

House of the Swallows

In the Dragizhevo village turn left after the house with the swallows.


If your GPS unit tells you to turn right at the village of Sheremetya – ignore your GPS!

The road from Sheremetya to Dragizhevo is very bad quality!

If you set your GPS to shortest route, then it will direct you via the road from Sheremetya. The main road is far better quality and is only a few hundred meters longer but will take considerably less time.

Stay on the A4/E772 until you reach Road No. 53. Then head direction Elena.

Dragizhevo is the first village signposted on the right.

Option 2 : From Elena

When travelling from Elena on Road No. 53.

  • Drive through the village of Merdanya ( Мерданя ).
  • Drive 1 Km after the end of the village.
  • Look for a minor road on your left.
  • Turn left on to minor road.
  • Drive for 2 Km on minor road.
  • Campsite is on your left.

Download Driving Directions

Get the directions in Adobe PDF to print later or save to your mobile device to use when travelling.


If you are familiar with the what3words style of addresses then you can find us the at the aptly named address

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