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Sunrise over the Swimming Pool with mountains in the background and sunbeds and umbrellas around the pool at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

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Ecological Activities

We are conscious of today’s issues with ecology and sustaining the natural environment. Therefore, we have implemented several ecological activities to conserve energy, reduce emissions and encourage local wildlife.

Solar Heating

Solar Panels at the Shower Building at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

The guest facilities building has been designed and constructed for low energy usage. The whole building is insulated to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. The hot water system for the showers and sinks is powered by high-efficiency solar panels. As the campsite is south-facing it is an ideal location to use solar heating.

The solar panels are provided by Helional. Kaldo, who have an office in Veliko Tarnovo, installed the solar heating system. The system has proven to be reliable and efficient, providing solar heated hot water for guests. Kaldo provide high quality products and systems with professional, efficient and friendly technical support. For this reason, the system minimises the consumption of electricity whilst maintaining a constant supply of hot water.

Other ecological activities we have on site are the guest facilities building has PIR motion sensors for the lights. In addition, the lights use low consumption LED light bulbs. Consequently, these two actions help to minimize electricity consumption.

Reed Bed

The Ecological Reed Bed waste water treatment system at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

The reed bed is used to treat all of the waste water from the campsite using a natural biological process. As far as we know, this is the first commercial scale reed bed system built and operated successfully in Bulgaria.

The hollow root system of the reed plant contain natural bacteria which process the waste water from the campsite. These bacteria consume the waste and produce nutritious by-products. The reeds consume these by-products. As a result, a healthy reed bed increases the wildlife and ecological activities.

The treatment of camper van and caravan grey waste water this way is ecologically friendly.

Nature Pond

The nature pond forms an integral part of the waste water management system. Clean water discharged from the reed bed flows into the nature pond. And so, the nature pond encourages insects, frogs and other natural wildlife.

Nature Corridors

The camping area is grass with tress for shade and plants for colour. However, we do not cut all of the grass areas. This allows the formation of nature corridors. These nature corridors encourage wildlife and natural flowers to prosper. As a result, less grass cutting means less noise for customers, less pollution from grass cutting machinery and provides a more relaxing environment.

Single Use Plastics

As camping in a nature orientated leisure activity we try to protect our natural environment. Our aim has always been to reduce the amount of single use plastics used in the business. The European Union voted in 2019 to ban the use of many types of single use plastics so our aim is now bound by the law. We will remove the single use plastics from the business in accordance with the European ruling. Hence, in the Coffee Shop we use recyclable paper cups for hot and cold drinks.

Cup for Life

If you would like to help reduce the use of single use plastics please bring your “Camping Cup For Life” with you to the Coffee Shop. We are happy to pour drinks into your camping cups. If your “Camping Cup For Life” is metal or multi-use plastic you can take the drink to the swimming pool terrace. Please do not take glass bottles, cups or glasses to the swimming pool terrace. Because, broken glass and swimming pools is not a good combination !

Plastic Card and Glass Recycling

We are proud to provide facilities for you to recycle your waste. See here for more information.