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Current Price List
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Current Price List

The price list is for a standard camping place.

29th April

31st May
1st June

30th September
Motorhome22.00 Leva28.00 Leva
Caravan14.00 Leva18.00 Leva
Tent8.00 Leva10.00 Leva
Adult ( 18 Years or older )12.00 Leva12.00 Leva
Child from 6 to 17 years6.00 Leva6.00 Leva
Child from 0 to 5 years0.00 Leva0.00 Leva
Additional Car or Trailer8.00 Leva10.00 Leva
Motorbike6.00 Leva8.00 Leva
Motorhome / Car + Caravan 2 Adults 46.00 Leva52.00 Leva
Tent + Car , 2 Adults 40.00 Leva44.00 Leva

Terms And Conditions Apply

  • Electric hook-up is included.
  • The price list includes tourist tax at the current rate.
  • The price list includes sales tax at the current rate.
  • Exchange Rate is 1 Euro = 1.95583 Bulgarian Leva.
  • Check Out Time for camping customers is 12.00 Hrs.
  • If you wish to stay later than a 12.00 Hrs then please ask at Reception.
  • Between 12.00 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs a late check-out fee will apply.
  • Check out after 17.00 Hrs an additional days camping fee will be payable.
  • Camping Veliko Tarnovo OOD reserves the right to amend prices at any time.

Payments Types Accepted

You can pay your bill with

  • cash in Leva or Euro, or
  • credit / debit card from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Vpay and Maestro, or
  • mobile payment from Google Pay and Apple Pay.
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To reduce the risk of Covid-19 are credit / debit card terminals are contactless. So, if you card issuer requires confirmation with a PIN code then rest assured that our terminals are sanitised for each use.

Special rates for organised camping tour companies.

For individuals the longer you stay the larger the discount !

Discounts for members of camping organisations such as ADAC, CCI etc.

Camp all summer for a fixed low price!

Low daily rates for camping vehicle storage.

Closed during the winter season.

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