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Caravans through the Trees on camping pitches at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

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Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage at Low Daily Price

Enjoying your holiday but want to fly home for a few weeks ?

Have other commitments that will interrupt your holiday ?

Enjoying your time in Bulgaria and want to see more but don’t want the long drive home and back ?

Then why not store your vehicle for a period of time for a low daily fee.

Short and Long Term Storage

Storage is paid on a per day basis so you can store your vehicle for as long as you wish from a day to a year. Plus if your plans change and you need to change the length of time then you will only pay for the actual days the vehicle is stored.

Store and Stay Camping

Alternatively look at our Store and Stay Camping scheme. An ideal option if you might want to store your vehicle and be able to use it occasionally.