The Coffee Shop

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Important Information for the 2021 Season

Due to the global situation with the Covid-19 virus pandemic we have taken the decision not to operate our kitchen for the 2021 season. Instead, we will operate a Coffee Shop serving hot and cold drinks. We have taken this decision to protect our customers by not encouraging people to congregate in a single area. The benefit of camping during these uncertain times is the space and sense of freedom you can enjoy whilst preserving your social distance.

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop offers a selection of :

  • Hot Drinks – a selection of teas and coffees,
  • Cold Drinks – a selection of healthy juices in cartons and bottles,
  • Alcoholic drinks – a selection of beers, wines and spirits,
  • Snacks – a selection of crisps and nuts,
  • Ice – creams for the warmer weather,
  • Bags of ice,
  • Essential items – a small selection of basic ingredients.

The Reception and Coffee Shop are open from 08.00 to 22.00 every day !

If you want to take a drink to the swimming pool please ask for a recyclable cup. Please do not take glass cups or bottles to the swimming pool. Broken glass and swimming pools are not a good combination !