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  • Europa Camping & Caravaning

    Europa Camping & Caravaning

    We are proud to announce we have been voted a “Selected Camping” by the famous Europa Camping & Caravaning organisation For more than 10 years we have listed our information with ECC’s web portal. This year we have been identified as “The Camper’s Choice” in Bulgaria. Thank you to all the customers who recommended us. […]

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  • Camping Veliko Tarnovo met Tourism Minister for Bulgaria Hristo Prodanov

    Camping Veliko Tarnovo met Tourism Minister for Bulgaria Hristo Prodanov

    On 10th March 2022 we met The Minister of Tourism for Bulgaria, Hristo Prodanov. Accompanying us, were campsite and industry representatives for Camping Batak, Camping Han Madona Falkovets and Camping.BG. Ivan Vozov and Lubomir Popyordanov also attended.

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  • Thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you to our customers for your fabulous reviews. We are pleased to share our result with you. We are delighted you enjoyed your stay and appreciate that you took the time to tell us about it afterwards. Thank you also to our fantastic team, who worked so hard to help you enjoy your stay. […]

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  • Where Can I Buy Camping Accessories?

    Where Can I Buy Camping Accessories?

    We are often asked where campers can buy camping accessories whilst they are staying at Camping Veliko Tarnovo. There are some great shops in Veliko Tarnovo where you might find what you are looking for.

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  • Doctors, Hospitals & Medical Emergencies

    Doctors, Hospitals & Medical Emergencies

    Are you feeling unwell? If you need a doctor it is often possible to make an appointment within a few days. Luckily healthcare in Bulgaria is good, so you will be in good hands. Do you need to see a doctor? If you are a current camping guests, ask at Reception if you need to […]

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  • 2021 Season is over!

    2021 Season is over!

    The 2021 Season is over! We are now closed for this season. We all had wonderful experiences! Thank you to everyone who stayed with us. The Team look forward to the new season next year and to welcoming our future guests! Thank you again to our wonderful customers this year! You made our year special […]

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  • Shakes and Frappes

    Shakes and Frappes

    What can you find in our coffee shop ? There is Coffee and Tea, Soft Drinks and Juices, Non-alcoholic and Alcoholic Drinks, Beers and Wines Mineral Water, Spirits.

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  • ADAC ranks Camping Veliko Tarnovo a 4 Star Quality Campsite

    ADAC ranks Camping Veliko Tarnovo a 4 Star Quality Campsite

    ADAC ranks Camping Veliko Tarnovo as the highest-rated camping site in Bulgaria. They ranked us the same in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. So, for the fourth year in a row, ADAC rates Camping Veliko Tarnovo the highest quality Camping Site in Bulgaria. Camping Veliko Tarnovo is in the heart of undiscovered Bulgaria. ADAC is famous […]

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  • Partner Campsites in Bulgaria

    Partner Campsites in Bulgaria

    When we built and opened our campsite in 2009 we were asked by lots of travellers “Where are other good campsites in Bulgaria?”. So to answer the questions we teamed up with other campsites to create an informal network of partner campsites in Bulgaria. The partner network still operates to this day and we still […]

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