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  • Guest Services available

    Guest Services available

    Our customers often ask us “What are the Guest services available at Camping Veliko Tarnovo? and “Why do we need to stay at a campsite?” Well, one of the most common reasons that long-term travellers stay with us, is that they want some help. Read on to find out the typical areas where we can […]

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  • Bars, Restaurants & Clubs in Veliko Tarnovo

    Bars, Restaurants & Clubs in Veliko Tarnovo

    Campers often ask us about entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo. There are many wonderful restaurants, clubs and bars. The food and drink in the city is excellent value and good quality. In this blog we tell you about the bars, Restaurants & clubs our customers enjoy when they stay at Camping Veliko Tarnovo. Restaurants in Veliko […]

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  • 7 Day Trips around Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    7 Day Trips around Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    Many customers ask us for suggestions of day trips they can make, to combine places to see and things to do in the region. These are the places our groups and independent travellers enjoy visiting…. If you don’t want to pack up your motorhome, why not hire a car? Another option, if you prefer to […]

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  • Elena


    Elena is a wonderful town to visit. It you want to see a typical example of traditional Bulgarian architecture, it is a great place to visit. The Road 53 takes you direct to Elena from Camping Veliko Tarnovo. The journey winds its way through the gorge and river valley and emerges at Elena. Elena is […]

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  • Restaurant Megdancheto, Merdanya

    Restaurant Megdancheto, Merdanya

    You do not want to go to the city? After a long ride, you prefer to eat at a place near the campsite? You would like to experience traditional Bulgarian cuisine? In this case, Restaurant Megdancheto is the perfect place for you. Restaurant Megdancheto is located in the neighbouring village, Merdanya. The name Megdancheto comes […]

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  • Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets

    Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets

    Hotel Banyata in Lyaskovets offers hotel accommodation, coffee shop and restaurant. The hotel was converted from the public bathhouse many years ago. The name translated literally means “the bath”. It is only 6 Km from the campsite so great to pop out to if you just want a quick evening meal. You can dine outdoors […]

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  • Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Restaurants

    Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Restaurants

    Here we will give you some useful words for restaurants and some suggestions of delicious dishes to try during your stay in Bulgaria. This is the first and most important of our posts about language it focuses on Bulgarian language for tourists: Restaurants. Common Tasty Dishes If the menu is only in Bulgarian look out […]

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  • Casa Di Bianco Restaurant

    Casa Di Bianco Restaurant

    Casa Di Bianco Restaurant is located in the heart of Veliko Tarnovo – Mother Bulgaria square. The restaurant has a completely renovated Summer Terrace. There you can enjoy the variety of culinary masterpieces with irresistible taste. In Casa Di Bianco Restaurant you can enjoy both traditional dishes and selected dishes of international cuisine. In their […]

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  • Ethno Restaurant, Veliko Tarnovo

    Ethno Restaurant, Veliko Tarnovo

    Ethno Restaurant offers a wide assortment of salads, appetizers, main dishes, fish from the sea and river. As well as seafood and appetizers and dishes from the Middle East. There is also a delicious desserts menu. In addition to traditional and international cuisine, the restaurant also offers a wide range of sushi. You can find […]

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