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Camping Organisation Discounts

Members of the following camping organisations receive discounts throughout the season.

Membership CardLow SeasonHigh Season
ADAC via pincamp.de15.00%15.00%
Camping Card International10.00%10.00%

What Is Included In the Discount

  • Price for Two Adults
  • Price For Motorhome or Car + Caravan
  • Price For Electrical Connection
  • Pets are Free
  • Bathrooms Are Free
  • Use of the Swimming Pool is included
  • DDC (sales tax, value added tax)
  • Tourist Tax

What Is Not Included In the Discount

  • Additional adults,
  • Additional children,
  • Additional vehicles,
  • Additional tents,
  • Additional services such as food, beverages, self service laundry,
  • Tourist Tax is included in the price for additional adults.
  • Cannot be combined with any other repromotion offered.

How To Claim Your Discount

Please present your valid (in date) membership card at Reception on arrival so that the promotion or discount can be applied for your camping accommodation fees.

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