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Pet Friendly Policy

We are a Pet Friendly campsite and responsible owners are welcome to bring their pets to the campsite. Please show consideration to other guests and follow our Pet Friendly Policy.

  1. Pets must be kept on a lead at all times.
    • Some children are afraid of pets so your pet must be on a lead.
  2. Pick up and put in the rubbish bin any mess that your pet leaves behind.
    • Children play in the campsite and pet mess is not hygienic.
  3. NO pets to enter the Reception area.
    • Legal Health requirement.
  4. NO pets are allowed on the swimming pool terrace.
    • Legal Health requirement.
  5. NO pets are allowed in the swimming pool.
    • Legal Health requirement.
  6. There are many paths and fields around the campsite where you can walk your pet.
    • Out of the main gates, turn right or left and you will soon see paths where you can walk your pet.
  7. There are water bowls outside Reception and many taps on the campsite.
    • Pets need a lot of water during the summer months. Beware of sunstroke. Dogs often do not know when to stop, so make sure they are in the shade and do not run more than needed.
    • If your pet needs a vet. Ask at Reception. We can help arrange an appointment for you.

Thank you for reading and following our Pet Friendly Policy. We wish you and your pet a happy holiday.

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