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Interior of City Pub, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

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If you are looking for a fun night out in Veliko Tarnovo then these are recommendations for the best bars and clubs to check out. Veliko Tarnovo has a good nightlife scene with many  nightclubs.  The vibe on summer evenings is buzzing and you should certainly make time to enjoy what is to offer here.

There are also good live music events in some of the bars. There are a large range of artists who make up the varied program of performances. Veliko Tarnovo is generally a safe city in which to enjoy a night out. Taxis run all night to get you home when the party has fizzled out.

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  • Bars, Restaurants & Clubs in Veliko Tarnovo

    Bars, Restaurants & Clubs in Veliko Tarnovo

    Campers often ask us about entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo. There are many wonderful restaurants, clubs and bars. The food and drink in the city is excellent value and good quality. In this blog we tell you about the bars, Restaurants & clubs our customers enjoy when they stay at Camping Veliko Tarnovo. Restaurants in Veliko […]

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  • Cafe Stratilat

    Cafe Stratilat

    Veliko Tarnovo is famous for its delicious cakes. Cafe Stratilat is one of the most famous cafes to sit outside and same delicious sweet treats. There selection of freshly made cakes is vast. Which cake do we recommend? Well, Grandma’s cake is always a favourite, Torta Elena (like a baked cheesecake with raspberries) is wonderful, […]

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  • Club Jack

    Club Jack

    If you want to check out the nightlife in Veliko Tarnovo, Club Jack is the place to go! It has a great atmosphere and the music makes you dance all night. Drinks are great value and it is popular with locals as well as tourists. is a great program of guest artists and DJs. […]

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  • The Gallery Cafe

    The Gallery Cafe

    If you are looking for a cafe in a great location, choose The Gallery Cafe in Veliko Tarnovo. It is a short walk over the Stambolov Bridge to reach the cafe and it is worth seeking it out. This cafe has some great exhibitions and a wonderful atmosphere. You can sip a cappuccino or a beer […]

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  • Tequila Bar

    Tequila Bar

    The Tequila Bar is in the centre of Veliko Tarnovo. It has great reviews and is a great bar to visit in the city. It is also known as The Funky Monkey. The Bar is famous for its fabulous cocktails. Of course, they are delicious and innovative and super value too! They use local and international […]

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  • City Pub

    City Pub

    City Pub is easy to find and is close to the Tourist Information Centre. It is a great place to sit and drink. There is an outside area and a choice of inside areas with different decor. They have a great menu, so you can eat here too if you want to. It is the […]

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  • Craft Beer Shop and Bar, Veliko Tarnovo

    Craft Beer Shop and Bar, Veliko Tarnovo

    This Shop and Bar is a newly-open bar in Veliko Tarnovo. It specializes in craft beers, both local and international. The bar is informal and has a great view across the River Yantra. It is next to the main viewing platform in the city, so it couldn’t have a better view! The staff are friendly and […]

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  • Melon Live Music Club

    Melon Live Music Club

    Right in the heart of Veliko Tarnovo City is a fabulous live music venue. Melon Live Music Club is a popular bar with locals and tourists. If you want to catch the vibe of the city you should make time to have a drink here! To get an idea of bands who have played recently you can […]

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