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Stone footridge at Etar Ethnographic Complex in Bulgaria

Places to see and things to do in the region near to Veliko Tarnovo.

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  • Etar Ethnographic Museum

    Etar Ethnographic Museum

    Etar Ethnographic Museum is great fun and educational too! Here you can find out about traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts and investigate the water driven equipment powered by the river which winds its way through the beautiful grounds of the museum. There is a full programme of events throughout the year, including opportunities to learn […]

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  • Bojentsi Village

    Bojentsi Village

    Bojentsi Village is in the foothills of the Stara Planina mountains. It is one of very few settlements that has preserved the authentic Revival atmosphere and architecture. Bojentsi village is an Architectural and Historical Reserve. This is due to the rich collections in the ethnographic museum, monuments, traditional houses and public buildings. There are several […]

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  • Nikopolis ad Istrum

    Nikopolis ad Istrum

    A UNESCO site of historical interest, Nikolopolis Ad Istrum means The City of Victory. Additionally, this site was once the largest Roman settlement in this part of the world. It was founded by the Roman Emperor Trajan after his victories over the Dacians in 101 and 106. It was built over an area of 30 […]

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  • Shipka Pass

    Shipka Pass

    The dramatic Shipka Pass between Gabrovo and Kazanlak provides some fantastic scenery and great views of the Stara Planina mountains. Hiking trails criss-cross the landscape providing great opportunities for exploring on foot. At the top of the pass is the Shipka Monument of Freedom. Here you will find your reward for climbing the 894 steps. […]

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  • Kilifarevo Monastery, Kilifarevo

    Kilifarevo Monastery, Kilifarevo

    Kilifarevo Monastery was founded about 1348 – 1350 under the rule of King Yoan Aleksandar. Famous St. Teodosis of Tarnovo had searched for a calm, secluded site. The monastery grew to become an important literary and spiritual centre of the Tarnovo Kingdom. The monastery was destroyed by the Ottoman invaders and was uninhabited for a […]

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  • Dryanovo Monastery

    Dryanovo Monastery

    Dryanovo Monastery is a functioning Bulgarian Orthodox monastery situated in the Andaka River Valley, in Bulgarka Nature Park. It was founded in the 12th century, during the Second Bulgarian Empire and is called Archangel Michael. The Ottomans burned the monstery down twice. Luckily local craftsman restored to its current situation in 1845. Drayanovo Monastery’s History […]

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  • Kapinovski Monastery, Kapinovo

    Kapinovski Monastery, Kapinovo

    Saint Nikola the Miracle Worker Kapinovski Monastery, Kapinovo nestles in the forest and close to river pools and waterfalls. This monastery is a beautiful example of a Bulgarian village monastery. Craftsman originally constructed in 1272 according to the foundation stone in the cornice above the altar. The History of the Monastery Sadly, the monastery has […]

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