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Two sparrows

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Through these blog posts we share with you our oasis of nature in the heart of beautiful Bulgarian countryside. Our campers are immersed and surrounded by wildlife and flora at its finest. We believe nature is an essential part of camping.  For us it is being at one with the time of day, seasons, the weather. That feeling of insignificance under the enormity of the night sky.

Nature in Bulgaria can be exciting, dramatic, peaceful and inspirational.  I will never fail to be dazzled by the fireflies each May and June when they dance and hover in the hedgerows on balmy evenings.  Storks make their ungainly flights to balance precariously on huge nests on tall columns as the first welcomers at the entrance to Dragizhevo Village.

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  • Sparrows in Bulgaria

    Sparrows in Bulgaria

    Sparrows in Bulgaria are decreasing and that is a fact. Compared with 10 years ago, there are 30% fewer. Will this trend continue and is there a possibility that our beloved urban birds will completely disappear from our lives? We hope not! We are proud to join the International Count the Sparrows initiative. On 22nd April we’ll […]

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  • Roe Deer

    Roe Deer

    There is a large family of Roe Deer in our valley. During the winter we see them almost every day, especially when there is snow. During the campsite open season we see them occasionally, but they are timid creatures. So, you are more likely to see them if you go hiking across the fields than […]

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  • Swallows


    The campsite has many swallows. They have nests all around the campsite. They are on the Coffee Shop Terrace, around the shower building and they majestically swoop over the swimming pool. Did You Know that Swallows Are Amazing? They can fly up to 200 km in a day. They can eat and sleep whilst flying. […]

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  • Moths in Bulgaria

    Moths in Bulgaria

    It is amazing what a huge variety and range of moths are in Bulgaria. Some, such as the Hummingbird Moth and the Emperor Moth are quite unusual. We are lucky enough to see them in large numbers at the campsite. They love the white of our Reception building, so it is a good place to […]

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  • European Tree Frogs

    European Tree Frogs

    We are lucky to have a lot of European Tree Frogs at the campsite. They are also known as the common tree frog and have a wide-range across much of Europe. They have bright, lime green skin across their body and sticky pads on the toes which can be used to climb trees. These frogs […]

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  • Fireflies


    Fireflies are enchanting creatures. To some they are dancing fairies, to others miniature lanterns glowing in the warm night air. To most they are a nostalgic symbol of summer and remind people of warm balmy nights. In Bulgaria we see the first ones in late May and they finish their illuminating display by the end […]

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  • White Storks

    White Storks

    In Bulgaria, we love the white stork. It is our favourite bird. We are lucky enough to have many of these magnificent creatures in our village. There are more than a hundred that live close to the lake and there is a big nest at the entrance to Dragizhevo village. The white storks spend the […]

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  • Golden Jackals

    Golden Jackals

    Golden Jackals live in our valley. They are very timid and in all the years we have lived here, we have never seen one in person. We are sometimes lucky enough to catch them on our wildlife camera, but they hide away when they see us. The ones in our valley are well-fed and healthy. […]

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  • Sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    Sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    Feeling thankful for another beautiful sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo. Thanks also to all our wonderful guests who are staying with us right now. We have guests from Germany, UK, Romania, Turkey, Moldova, Belgium and Italy. Each day brings us fresh opportunities for new adventures, relaxation and happy times with people we love. Camping Veliko […]

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