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  • Coffee Shop Drinks

    What fabulous drinks can you buy from the Coffee Shop at Camping Veliko Tarnovo? We have a wide range of drinks for the terrace or take-away to enjoy at your camping place. Homemade Lemonades: or you can try our special mix – Homemade Raspberry and Hibiscus Lemonade Shakes and frappes are other delicious Coffee Shop…

  • Homemade Raspberry Lemonade

    Homemade Raspberry Lemonade

    Our homemade raspberry lemonade is a delicious and refreshing summer drink made with locally grown raspberries. We use all natural ingredients in our drinks to preserve the health benefits. You can order these lemonade drinks with still water or soda water, a few ice cubes and with a touch of lemon juice to add a…

  • Snacks and Ice-creams

    Snacks and Ice-creams

    We have a range of snacks and ice-creams in the Coffee Shop. Treat yourself to a healthy snack bar with a cooling frappe or shake. Or, combine a home-made lemonade with a delicious ice-cream. There are so many snacks and ice-creams to choose! Come to the Coffee Shop to choose one now! Why eat snacks…

  • Shakes and Frappes

    Shakes and Frappes

    What can you find in our coffee shop ? There is Coffee and Tea, Soft Drinks and Juices, Non-alcoholic and Alcoholic Drinks, Beers and Wines Mineral Water, Spirits.

  • Natural Elderflower Lemonade

    Natural Elderflower Lemonade

    Home-made using a traditional recipe to create a refreshing and tasty drink for the long hot summer days.