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Fresh elderflower lemonade in the coffee shop

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On site guest services are those which you will find on the campsite.  These are our Coffee Shop, laundry, BBQ Area, children’s  play and swimming pool.

You will find a lot of information, such as a price list with details of the latest range of delicious food and drink on offer at the coffee shop.  We update our blog with details of what is in our shop.  New for 2023 season, you can buy BBQ coals for the new BBQ on site.

Coming soon are posts showing how we make our delicious natural lemonade syrups. We make these seasonally making the most of abundant fruit and flowers on site.

Category: On Site Guest Services

  • Coffee Shop Drinks

    Coffee Shop Drinks

    What fabulous drinks can you buy from the Coffee Shop at Camping Veliko Tarnovo? We have a wide range of drinks for the terrace or take-away to enjoy at your camping place. Homemade Lemonades: or you can try our special mix – Homemade Raspberry and Hibiscus Lemonade Shakes and frappes are other delicious Coffee Shop […]

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  • We have recycling bins!

    We have recycling bins!

    At our gates we have recycling bins to separate different materials. This fits well with our sustainability policy to preserve the planet for future generations. We also thank EcoPartners Veliko Tarnovo who provided the recycling bins for our guests. What can you recycle? Glass Plastics Card and Paper Metal Plastic Bottle Tops – We collect […]

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  • Homemade Raspberry Lemonade

    Homemade Raspberry Lemonade

    Our homemade raspberry lemonade is a delicious and refreshing summer drink made with locally grown raspberries. We use all natural ingredients in our drinks to preserve the health benefits. You can order these lemonade drinks with still water or soda water, a few ice cubes and with a touch of lemon juice to add a […]

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  • Snacks and Ice-creams

    Snacks and Ice-creams

    We have a range of snacks and ice-creams in the Coffee Shop. Treat yourself to a healthy snack bar with a cooling frappe or shake. Or, combine a home-made lemonade with a delicious ice-cream. There are so many snacks and ice-creams to choose! Come to the Coffee Shop to choose one now! Why eat snacks […]

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  • Shakes and Frappes

    Shakes and Frappes

    What can you find in our coffee shop ? There is Coffee and Tea, Soft Drinks and Juices, Non-alcoholic and Alcoholic Drinks, Beers and Wines Mineral Water, Spirits.

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  • Local Taxi Service

    Local Taxi Service

    If you don’t want to drive your camping vehicle into Veliko Tarnovo, then it is very easy to organise a local taxi service. Dimitar, who speaks English, organises our local taxi service. Dimitar can arrange any number of taxis for you. Each taxi can carry up to 4 people. The price for one taxi from […]

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  • Homemade Elderflower Lemonade

    Homemade Elderflower Lemonade

    Home-made using a traditional recipe to create a refreshing and tasty drink for the long hot summer days.

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  • Bus Service to Veliko Tarnovo

    Bus Service to Veliko Tarnovo

    If you do not want to drive into Veliko Tarnovo with your camping vehicle then, it is possible to catch the bus service to Veliko Tarnovo. The local bus service, Number 99, goes from the campsite to a local town called Lyaskovets. In Lyaskovets you change to the bus service, Number 14, that goes to […]

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  • Postcards and Stamps

    Postcards and Stamps

    With hi-tech instant messaging it is very easy to keep in contact with family and friends when on holiday. But nothing beats a post card through the letter box! You can not stick a digital photo to the fridge or on the shelf above the fireplace. So why not surprise your family and friends and […]

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