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Yellow Recycling bin for plastic, card paper and metal

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We have recycling bins!

At our gates we have recycling bins to separate different materials. This fits well with our sustainability policy to preserve the planet for future generations. We also thank EcoPartners Veliko Tarnovo who provided the recycling bins for our guests.

What can you recycle?



Card and Paper


Plastic Bottle Tops – We collect these separately in The Coffee Shop for a super charity who provide incubators for newborn babies in Bulgaria.

How should you prepare waste for recycling?

  • Wash Glass bottles and tins.
  • Remove Lids from bottles and put into the yellow bin.
  • Wash out any plastic containers that have contained food waste.
  • Fold cardboard boxes flat, so we can fit more items in the bin.

Camping Veliko Tarnovo’s Eco Commitment

Camping Veliko Tarnovo is sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

We recycle all possible waste from the Coffee Shop, Shower Building and Reception Office. 

In our Coffee Shop we only use recyclable straws & cups. Also we serve drinks in glasses or cups to reduce waste.  We are happy to serve drinks in your glasses and cups if you bring them to us.

Camper’s Eco Commitment

To preserve the countryside for future generations, we ask that campers try to minimize waste by recycling. Also, try to buy fruit and vegetables loose from the market rather than in packaging. This also supports our local community.

Our Eco Commitment Together – Reduce, Recycle, Re-use & Respect

Reduce –consumption and only buy what we need! Choose products that use the minimum packaging. Stay longer at each camping place to reduce your fuel consumption!

Recycle – separate and recycle tins, glass, recyclable plastic bottles, paper & cardboard.

Re-Use – choose reusable products instead of disposable products (mugs, cups & cutlery etc) Please do not take a paper cup with your drink if you have your own reusable one.  Our water is safe to drink, so fill up your bottle for life rather than buy mineral water.

Respect – the food you eat. Take home food that you don’t eat! We see campers waste a lot of food. If you leave food in the communal fridges we throw it away. It has an environmental cost in production, transport & packaging, so take it home!

See more of our Ecological Activities on our website.

Together we make a difference – Use our recycling bins!

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