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Glorious yellow roses at the swimming pool with motorhomes in the campsite.

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Flowers in the Campsite Gardens

Here are some of the flowers you can see in the campsite gardens …

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul. Flower Imoji Red poppy flower with black centre and green leaves.

Luther Burbank, American Botanist

Flowers in the Campsite Gardens

The photo below shows how the flowers in the campsite gardens looked back in 2011.

Mira’s brief was to create a fusion between an English cottage garden and a Bulgarian Meadow. Our plan was to have an informal, natural-looking campsite that promoted the natural environment. The bird and insect-life is amazing. We are delighted with the results and are very grateful to Mira for her fabulous creation.

Thousands of campers have enjoyed relaxing in her design and we now have the pleasure of developing and extending it. We are filling it with even more flowers in the campsite gardens.

You can see some of her original work on her website Hortus Ortus . To see how it looks now, see our Instagram, Facebook and our website.

What are the flowers at Camping Veliko Tarnovo? Well… we have roses, lavender, hibiscus, sunflowers, echinacea, coneflowers, cornflowers, clematis, yukkas, red hot pokers, lilies, peonies, geraniums and many more. Come to see!

For more lovely photos see here.

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