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Find the best Bulgaria Travel information in the Veliko Tarnovo area and discover all the best places to visit.

We know your holiday time is precious, so why waste time going to boring places? You might only come to Bulgaria once, so don’t miss out on key sights and experiences. Explore the “can’t-miss” places and experience the rich Thracian treasures contrasted with post-communist memorabilia which has shaped Bulgaria’s unique history and culture. We are delighted to share the secrets of the local area with you.

Learn the tips and hacks that will make your travel through |Bulgaria smooth and seamless. We can help you negotiate Bulgaria smoothly and with maximum enjoyment. You will have time to connect with nature and reflect on the soul-nurturing awesomeness of Bulgaria’s wild spaces.

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  • Schengen Rules

    Schengen Rules

    Customers often ask us about the Schengen Rules. Here we will explain what it is, what it means to you and help you make sure you are within the rules. What is Schengen? It is the EU passport-free zone between most EU countries. Which Countries are in Schengen? It is easier to list the EU […]

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  • 5 Fun Facts You Must Know Before You Visit Bulgaria

    5 Fun Facts You Must Know Before You Visit Bulgaria

    Bulgaria is a wonderful country to visit in your campervan, motorhome, RV and caravan. But beware, the culture here is different. In this blog you will read 5 fun facts you must know before you visit Bulgaria. Once you have read them, you will be well-prepared for the delights that Bulgaria offers. 1) Yes, but […]

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  • 5 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria in your Campervan?

    5 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria in your Campervan?

    Bulgaria may not be a destination you have thought of for your summer trip, but you should think again. Bulgaria is the unknown gem of Europe. If you are looking for somewhere different and interesting, there is lots for you to to discover here. Here are great 5 reasons to visit Bulgaria in your campervan […]

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  • Why visit Camping Veliko Tarnovo?

    Why visit Camping Veliko Tarnovo?

    There are many great reasons why Camping Veliko Tarnovo should be part of your Campervan tour of Bulgaria… 7 Reasons to visit Camping Veliko Tarnovo 1) There is Stunning scenery and natural beauty. Camping Veliko Tarnovo is located in the heart of beautiful Bulgarian countryside. It is full of wildlife and rural magic. There are […]

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  • Which is the best road to go south?

    Which is the best road to go south?

    The roads in Bulgaria are sometimes inconsistent in quality, so people often ask us the best roads to take. The route to south has three different options. So, which is the best road to go to south for you? Well, it depends… The Easiest Road to go south The easiest road is Route 55 to […]

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  • Road Tax

    Road Tax

    In Bulgaria you must buy an e-vignette (road tax, which is called Vinetka in Bulgarian) to drive on taxable roads. Most roads are taxable. The untaxed roads are the smallest category of roads between small villages. The roads at the borders are taxable, so you need to buy a vignette as soon as you cross […]

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  • 7 Day Trips around Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    7 Day Trips around Camping Veliko Tarnovo

    Many customers ask us for suggestions of day trips they can make, to combine places to see and things to do in the region. These are the places our groups and independent travellers enjoy visiting…. If you don’t want to pack up your motorhome, why not hire a car? Another option, if you prefer to […]

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  • Where Can I Buy Camping Accessories?

    Where Can I Buy Camping Accessories?

    We are often asked where campers can buy camping accessories whilst they are staying at Camping Veliko Tarnovo. There are some great shops in Veliko Tarnovo where you might find what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can relax at the campsite and order your items from or your favourite supplier at home to […]

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  • Partner Campsites in Bulgaria

    Partner Campsites in Bulgaria

    When we built and opened our campsite in 2009 we were asked by lots of travellers “Where are other good campsites in Bulgaria?”. So to answer the questions we teamed up with other campsites to create an informal network of partner campsites in Bulgaria. The partner network still operates to this day and we still […]

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