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5 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria in your Campervan?

Bulgaria may not be a destination you have thought of for your summer trip, but you should think again. Bulgaria is the unknown gem of Europe. If you are looking for somewhere different and interesting, there is lots for you to to discover here. Here are great 5 reasons to visit Bulgaria in your campervan when you tour Europe next summer.

1) Wildlife, Scenery & Nature

The wildlife and scenery in Bulgaria is amazing! The country is big and unpopulated, so nature has an opportunity to thrive and prosper. The birdlife is stunning. Our campsite has Golden Oriels, Buzzards, Eagles, Little Owls, Storks, Nightjars, Woodpeckers, bats and colorful bee-eaters.

The Danube Delta is abundant with rare birds and the Black Sea has nature areas dedicated to bird preservation and wetland development.

Bulgaria is known as the country of rivers and mountains. There are so many beautiful places to visit for hiking, trekking, motorbike off-roading and 4×4 or ATV trails.

From Camping Veliko Tarnovo you have a choice of many local walking paths and local trails and we can advise you on great places to go for birdwatching and hiking.

2) Food and Drink

The food in Bulgaria is delicious! It is seasonal, fresh and simple. The restaurants are plentiful and the food is consistently good. We recommend 5 great restaurants in Veliko Tarnovo, but there are many more recommendations on our blog for other local restaurants.

Food you should not miss during your tour of Bulgaria is:

Shopska Salad – The colour of the salad represents the Bulgarian flag. It is the most famous Bulgarian dish and is so tasty. In summer the vegetables are perfectly ripe. They contrast with the salty, creamy white cheese, which is a bit like feta.

Sach – This is the hot griddle plate for cooking. This means you can have Vegetable Sach, Chicken Sach, Mixed Sach and many more combinations. The food is chargrilled on the stone plate. It tastes wonderful. Don’t touch the plate though, it is scorching hot!

Mekitsi – These are traditional breakfast freshly cooked donuts. You can adorn them with white cheese and strawberry jam, or simply eat them with a dusting of icing sugar. You should not miss them! In Lyaskovets there is a little kiosk that opens from 8am – 10am each day. The baba who owns it cooks them fresh each morning. Ask us in reception for details on how to find it!

Bulgarian Drinks

Rakia is the national drink. It is a fruit brandy, usually made from grapes. Other varieties are made from plum, apricots, pears and cherries.Bulgarians traditionally drink rakia when eating salads, especially Shopska Salad. If you want to try some, we have a great range available in our Coffee Shop. Don’t forget to say “Nazdrave” It means “Cheers” or “Good Health!”

Airyan is a refreshing yoghurt-based drink. It is mixed with water and a little salt and is designed to keep your electrolytes balanced during the heat of summer. If you don’t like the sour taste, add a peach juice. It is delicious!

Bulgarian Wines are great quality and value for money. They have developed tremendously over the past 5 years and they are winning many awards throughout the world. While you stay at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Yalovo WInery. If you don’t want to drive there yourself, you can book a tour with Hillview Tours. Other great wineries to visit in other parts of Bulgaria are Starousel, Enira and Angel.

What is the next of the 5 great reasons to visit Bulgaria in your Campervan? …

3) The Culture

Bulgaria is a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. It is fascinating to see how the culture has been shaped by the influence of Communism, Turkish occupation and Thracian traditions.

Many travellers visit to see the influence of Communism. At the entrance to most small towns there is a communist monument. Close to Camping Veliko Tarnovo there is one at the entrance to Lyaskovets. One of the most fascinating is within a day trip of here. It is Buzludzha. Renovation work has started, so it should be open for visits inside in the coming years.

The Thracian Tombs at Kazanlak are a fascinating insight into Thracian life and death. Archaeologists discovered most of the tombs less than 50 years ago, so there are likely to be much more to be discovered in the coming years.

Bulgaria is full of traditions and customs too. Look out for the Black Ribbons on doorways and the posters celebrating people’s lives. These posters are called Necrologs .

4) Mineral Springs and Healing Waters

Bulgaria is famous for the power of its water. There are many areas of Bulgaria famous for their natural springs. 5 minutes walk from the campsite is a natural spring. We can show you where to go to fill your bottles with natural water.

Velingrad and Sandanski are popular towns for spa treatments. There are great campsites near both of these towns too Camping Kromidovo and Thermal Camping Velingrad

The final of the 5 great reasons to visit Bulgaria in your Campervan is …

5) Great Campsites

In recent years several new campsites have opened in Bulgaria. It is becoming the new destination for campervans touring Europe.

Camping Veliko Tarnovo

Camping Veliko Tarnovo is a purpose-built campsite, built by campers, for campers. It is located in the centre of Bulgaria and it provides everything you need for a relaxing break in nature.

The 20m panoramic swimming pool is the jewel in the crown and when you need time to revitalize and recharge those batteries in nature, this is the perfect location. 15 minutes by taxi you are in the centre of Veliko Tarnovo, the Medieval Capital of Bulgaria, so you can visit the sights and visit one of the fantastic restaurants you will find there.

Camping Veliko Tarnovo is the ideal place to stop before heading to Romania (Or the first night after arriving in Bulgaria from the Ruse border crossing from Romania).

Camping Velingrad

Thermal Camping Velingrad is a new campsite offering spa treatments and thermal swimming pools. It is located in the South-Western part of Bulgaria and is a great stop-off on the way to Greece. It is luxurious and comfortable camping and is very popular at weekends.

Glamping Alliance

Glamping Alliance is also a new campsite in Bulgaria. It is high-tech and fun, whilst being practical and well-designed. It is a short bus ride into the centre of Plovdiv and is the ideal place for a sight-seeing tour of the ancient city.

If you are tent camping, you might consider renting the Hobbit House or Baba Yaga’s House. They are charming Glamping Pods for rent on site.

So, those are our 5 great reasons to visit Bulgaria in your campervan this summer. What are you waiting for? Book now!

Want to know some more? Check out Why Camping Veliko Tarnovo should be part of your next tour.

See our blog post 5 Fun Facts about Bulgaria. Also if you are not from the EU a must-read is our blog post about Schengen. Bulgaria is not in Schengen, so you can stay for 90 days before needing a visa without using up your Schengen days.

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