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Why visit Camping Veliko Tarnovo?

There are many great reasons why Camping Veliko Tarnovo should be part of your Campervan tour of Bulgaria…

7 Reasons to visit Camping Veliko Tarnovo

1) There is Stunning scenery and natural beauty. Camping Veliko Tarnovo is located in the heart of beautiful Bulgarian countryside. It is full of wildlife and rural magic. There are many walking trails from the campsite if you want to explore.

2) It’s SO clean! Take a look at our reviews to see just how many specifically highlight how clean the campsite is. We are organised and keep our facilities maintained. This is unusual in this part of Europe, so be prepared to be impressed.

3) You’ll get a good night’s sleep. When you are wild camping in a country like Bulgaria, it is hard to fully relax when you are sleeping in a lay-by or a track that you don’t know. Rest assured with us, you’ll sleep well in a safe and secure environment.

4) There are super facilities. Relax in comfort by the panoramic 20m swimming pool. Make use of the launderette with washing machines and dryers. The Camper Service Point means you can dispose of chemical toilet waste responsibly. In addition, you can recycle your waste in our recycling bins. We have super-fast Wifi too, which is great for those working online.

5) It’s an ideal location. It’s an easy day’s drive to or from Bucharest, so it’s a great place to visit to or from Romania. It is 15 minutes from the Medieval Capital of Bulgaria. There is lots to see and do within an hour’s drive. See our 7 Day Trips blog for lots of ideas. It is in the heart of a beautiful valley and the rural life goes on all around the campsite. It’s also a great location for fabulous restaurants. See our recommendations for the best of the best.

6) You get to support the local economy. Camping Veliko Tarnovo employ local people and buy local. We also support local charities and community projects. You can feel that you are contributing to the local community instead of just passing through.

7) We will help you with whatever you need. Some times when you are travelling it is difficult to solve the problems you encounter. Sometimes there is a fault on the van you want to investigate. Others want have equipment or parts delivered. Sometimes you need help due to ill health for you or your pets. Camping Veliko Tarnovo provide many Guest Services and we can help you find what you are looking for.

Finally, another great reason is that our customers say “There’s something about Camping Veliko Tarnovo”. Perhaps you will feel it too, therefore you will be able to tell us why Camping Veliko Tarnovo should be part of everyone’s Camper Tour of Bulgaria.

If you are from a non-EU country check out our blog about Schengen Rules. You can stay in Bulgaria for 90 days without using up any Schengen days. Also 5 Fun Facts is a must-read for anyone planning to visit Bulgaria.

Once you are here check out 7 Day Trips you can take from Camping Veliko Tarnovo.

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