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Schengen Rules

Customers often ask us about the Schengen Rules. Here we will explain what it is, what it means to you and help you make sure you are within the rules.

What is Schengen?

It is the EU passport-free zone between most EU countries.

Which Countries are in Schengen?

A Map of Europe with schengen countries marked in colours

It is easier to list the EU countries that are not in Schengen and are not subject to the Schengen Rules. These are Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Croatia and Southern Ireland. Croatia is likely to be the next country to join Schengen.

Do British tourists need to comply with the Schengen Rules?

Yes. Since Brexit, British nationals need to comply with Schengen Rules.

How long is the Schengen Visa?

It is 90 days in any 6 month period.

It is a rolling period. So the number of days you have available to spend in Schengen countries changes each day.

How do I calculate how many days I can spend in Schengen?

The easiest way is to use an online calculator. A good one is here.

You enter the dates you have been in Schengen for the past 6 months and it calculates how many days you have left. It also tells you the dates you can re-enter Schengen.

What does this mean to me on my Campervan tour of Europe?

It means if you are on a long tour of Europe, you need to spend 90 days in non-Schengen countries. Bulgaria is a great choice.

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