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Bus Service to Veliko Tarnovo

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If you do not want to drive into Veliko Tarnovo with your camping vehicle then, it is possible to catch the bus service to Veliko Tarnovo.

The local bus service, Number 99, goes from the campsite to a local town called Lyaskovets. In Lyaskovets you change to the bus service, Number 14, that goes to Veliko Tarnovo.

To take the Number 99 bus from the Campsite to Lyaskovets

Stand on the opposite side of the road at the entrance gates to the campsite. The bus will stop for you to get on. The bus times are 09.05, 11.05, 14.05, and 17.05. The price in 2021 is 1.20 Leva per ticket. You will need to pay in cash Leva.

Complex Banyata, Lyaskovets

When you arrive in Lyaskovets you need to get off the bus by Complex Banyata, which is a traditional Bulgarian restaurant and is highly recommended.

To take the Number 14 bus from Lyaskovets to Veliko Tarnovo

Outside Complex Banyata, you cross the road to the bus stop to take the bus to Veliko Tarnovo. The bus to Veliko Tarnovo is every thirty minutes.

In Veliko Tarnovo the best place to get off the bus is at the second bus stop which is by the Courthouse Building in the centre of town. This bus stop is the closest to the main shopping street, restaurants and tourist attractions.

How to ask for a bus ticket

You will need to buy the correct number of tickets. You pay the driver in cash Leva on the bus.

  • One ticket to Lyaskovets please – Един билет за Лясковец моля.
  • Two tickets to Lyaskovets please – Два билета за Лясковец моля.
  • Three tickets to Lyaskovets please – Три билета за Лясковец моля.
  • Four tickets to Lyaskovets please – Четири билета до Лясковец моля.

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