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Dimitar, who speaks English, organises our local taxi service. Dimitar can arrange any number of taxis for you. Each taxi can carry up to 4 people. The price for one taxi from the campsite to the centre of Veliko Tarnovo is 20.00 Leva (in 2023). The taxis are small, so if you are 4 large adults, you might prefer to order 2 taxis.

If you don’t want to drive your camping vehicle into Veliko Tarnovo, then it is very easy to organise a local taxi service.

You can call Dimitar on : 00 359 877 767 200 or you can ask at the Reception and we will organise the taxi for you.

Can I Take my dog in the Taxi?

If you wish to take your dog in the taxi then tell Dimitar or the Receptionist when you book the taxi. Some taxis do not allow dogs in their vehicles but most taxis will allow dogs with prior notice so that the driver can put a protective cover on the seats of the vehicle.

How can I pay for the taxi?

Payment for most taxis is only in cash Bulgarian Leva. At the moment most taxis do not operate credit / debit card POS terminals for payment. You will receive a receipt for a cash payment. This is based on the rates displayed in the front and side windows of the taxi.

If you do not have Bulgarian Leva then ask to be taken to a ATM to take some money from the cash machine – you will need some local currency for a coffee or a refreshing beer!

How do I get back to the campsite ?

There are many taxi points across the city – just look for the lines of yellow cars. The fee for the taxi to the campsite will be on the meter. The fee depends on where you take the taxi from. Most of the taxi drivers know the campsite and quite a few speak English. However to make sure you get back to the campsite easily bookmark this page in your browser. Alternatively, ask for a taxi home card from Reception.

The Bulgarian sentence below will help you get home. You can show it to the taxi driver. It says

“Please drive me to the campsite in Dragizhevo”

Моля да ме закарате до къмпинга в село Драгижево.

If you have any problems you can call the campsite (+359 886 877244). We will help with translation or directions.

You can click here to show the taxi driver the location of the campsite on Googlemaps.

Click View Larger Map

Къмпинга е между село Драгижево и село Мерданя на стария пътя.

The Campsite is between the villages of Dragizhevo and Merdanya.

How much will it cost?

20 Leva each way (= approximately 11 Euro) .

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