Places To See, Veliko Tarnovo

Trapezitsa – Hill Top Fortress

Trapezitsa is a hill top fortress naturally protected by the vertical cliffs and the river Yantra that flows around the hill. Over the years many archaeological excavations have taken past. The earliest excavations were in the late 1800's. The excavations have discovered many artefacts some of which are housed in the small Trapezitsa Architectural Heritage… Continue reading Trapezitsa – Hill Top Fortress

Activities To Do, Veliko Tarnovo

Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo

Today Veliko Tarnovo is a symbol of Bulgarian history, a centre for culture, education and tourism. The city attracts many visitors from all over the world. But it also attracts adventure lovers who like rocks and and rock climbing. The Alpine Club Trapezitsa, based in Veliko Tarnovo, is the foundation for establishing the wonderful conditions… Continue reading Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo

Activities To Do, Veliko Tarnovo

Free Walking Tour of Veliko Tarnovo

Every day during the summer months there is a free walking tour of Veliko Tarnovo. The free walking tour has run for several years and has received excellent feedback from customers. The tour departs from the Tourist Information Centre in Veliko Tarnovo at 11.00am every morning. The walk then slowly proceeds to Tsaravets Castle taking… Continue reading Free Walking Tour of Veliko Tarnovo

Entertainment, Restaurants, Veliko Tarnovo

Casa Di Bianco Restaurant

Casa Di Bianco Restaurant is located in the heart of Veliko Tarnovo - Mother Bulgaria square. The restaurant has a completely renovated Summer Terrace. There you can enjoy the variety of culinary masterpieces with irresistible taste. In Casa Di Bianco Restaurant you can enjoy both traditional dishes and selected dishes of international cuisine. In their… Continue reading Casa Di Bianco Restaurant

Places To See, Veliko Tarnovo

Samovodska Charchia, Veliko Tarnovo

Samovodska Charchia in Veliko Tarnovo is an atmospheric cobbled street in the old town where there are many arts and crafts shops. It is a good place to buy quality pottery and antiques. The area has been refurbished in recent years but still maintains the old-world charm of National Revival period architecture. There are 20… Continue reading Samovodska Charchia, Veliko Tarnovo

Activities To Do, Veliko Tarnovo

Tsaravets Sound And Light Show

Tsaravets Sound and Light show is a unique and enthralling experience re-creating the history of Tsaravets through a very large-scale audio-visual display. The hill and castle are brought back to life with the flashing coloured floodlights and lasers set to dramatic music. The show outlines the tragic history of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom which lasted… Continue reading Tsaravets Sound And Light Show

Places To See, Veliko Tarnovo

Tsaravets Castle, Veliko Tarnovo

Tsaravets Castle built on a prominent hill was the main fortification during medieval times when Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of Bulgaria. The hill has been inhabited since the 2nd millennium B.C. However, its current thick stone fortified walls and guard towers date from the medieval age of the 12th Century. It is well worth… Continue reading Tsaravets Castle, Veliko Tarnovo