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Tool;s and equipment from a DIY Store

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Tools, Hardware and DIY Stores

Whilst you are travelling in your motorhome or caravan you sometimes need to make a repair or stock up on tools hardware and DIY Store products you forgot to pack. Luckily there are some great DIY Stores within 20km of the campsite. The closest store is in the centre of Dragizhevo village. It has a huge range of products, so you might find that is as far as you need to go!

Dragizhevo DIY Store

About 1500m from the campsite is the Village General Store with the yellow canopy that sells all sorts of tools, hardware and DIY store products. If possible try to take an example with you, as it will be the easiest way to show the shop assistant what you need. If you don’t have one already, either find a photo on your smartphone or ask our Receptionist to write the name of the product in Bulgarian script. The shop owners are very helpful and we encourage you to support local stores whenever you can, so try here first.

Walking Directions

Walk to the the centre of the village (past the park on your right and the post office on your left. Then when you reach the crossroads turn right. The DIY Store is on your left.

Praktiker, Veliko Tarnovo

Praktiker is a great hardware and Do-it-yourself shop. It has electrical parts, water connectors, paints and lacquers, furniture, BBQs and it sells camping equipment. You can see much more on their website. Praktiker is a short walk from Kaufland, so you can pick up some groceries too!

Get Directions

Click “View Larger Map” on the map below to get directions.

Praktis Veliko Tarnovo

Another great store for tools, hardware and DIY store products is Praktis. You can check out their products on their website first before you drive in to the store. The Car Park is large and access is easy if you have a motorhome or larger vehicle.

Get Directions

Click “View Larger Map” on the map below to get directions.

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