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Outside of Village Food Store in Dragizhevo
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Dragizhevo Village

Locally, people call Dragizhevo “The Cherry Village”. This is because it produces the first and best tasting cherries in Bulgaria. It is great if you are here in late May, as you will get to try some.

Dragizhevo is a typical Bulgarian working village. During the warm summer evenings the village comes to life as the Babas (village matriarchs) sit together on wooden benches and chat about the day’s events.

Dragizhevo Village has an amazing history and boasts 8 historical sites recognised by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. These sites date back to the Neolithic era.

During your stay you should make time to explore the back streets and experience traditional Bulgarian life. It is amazing to see the size of the vegetables that flourish in the fertile soils. You might see even someone ploughing their garden using a horse and plough in the time-honoured tradition.

The campsite is in a panoramic valley. It has fields all around it. The farmers vary the crops each year. This is crop rotation. I wonder which crop you will see? It varies between winter barley, sunflowers, wheat and sweetcorn.

Spring is a beautiful time in the village, when the cherry orchards are in full blossom just before the first crops of juicy ripe cherries arrive here in May. Once you have tasted Dragizhevo’s cherries, others just won’t taste the same. Whilst in Autumn, the trees along the roads to the village are full of winter pears. The pears which are great for making into wine and preserving for the winter months.

The village has several coffee bars where the locals will give you the same warm welcome that they gave us when we first visited. They are great places to relax and reflect on the day’s activities, sample traditional Bulgarian dishes and taste the locally made beverages.

Retro communist car from the Soviet era parked in Dragizhevo Village

Shops in Dragizhevo Village

Post Office

If you need a stamp and want to send a gift home, ask in the post office. Our Receptionists will write what you need in Bulgarian or you can use your smartphone to translate.

Walk towards the centre of the village. Then, when you see the children’s play park on your right, the Post Office is the second building on your left. There is a yellow postbox on the wall and the flag flies from the floor above. This is the Mayor’s Office.

Food Shops in Dragizhevo

There are lots of great food shops in Dragizhevo. Here you will find fresh bread and fruit and vegetables delivered daily. When you walk into the centre of the village there are two stores at the crossroads.

The Newest one is Viara and Joro’s store which opened in 2022. They stock a super range of fresh and packaged products. Their fruit and vegetables are delivered regularly and they have fresh bread each day. In addition they take BGN cash (not Euro) and they can take debit and credit cards too.

The outside of the store looks like this …

The outside of Viara and Joro's store in Dragizhevo. There is an easy access ramp at the entrance. There is a sign in Bulgarian saying Food Store.
Outside Viara & Joro’s Store in Dragizhevo

Get Directions

Click “View Larger Map” on the map below to get directions.

Alternatively, keep walking at take the first road on your left until you reach Milka’s Store. This is marked on googlemaps.

Get Directions

Click “View Larger Map” on the map below to get directions.

Hardware, Tools and DIY

Opposite Viara’s and Joro’s Food Store you will find the Village General Store with the yellow canopy that sells all sorts of DIY products. If possible try to take an example with you, as it will be the easiest way to show the shop assistant what you need. However, if you don’t have one already, either find a photo on your smartphone or ask our Receptionist to write the name of the product in Bulgarian script.

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